A Heavenly Double Whammy!



December 3rd 2017 by Martine at Martine Alexis Clairvoyance

So.. tonight we have a Supermoon! A giant, gorgeous glowing full moon will light up the night sky. It’s also going to illuminate much more than the sky .. as this moon is in Gemini, ruler of communication and truth. Now, out there in the big wide world ‘truth’ seems to be one the hottest topics of all.
What’s real and what‘s fake ? ( And what’s ‘fake news’ ) ?

The Full Moon in Gemini will bring some dramatic world wide revelations and there’ll be people in the public realm who feel they just have to speak out or even to confess. Our problem will be deciding who or what to believe – the truth can be a slippery concept…

Personally, you may feel the urge to ‘tell it as it is’ – again, honesty and directness can be wonderful. However, this Full Moon asks you to think before you say what you want to say though. Who do you want to communicate with and why? Will it help or will it hurt?

Slow down and engage your mind before you release your words….

The Double Whammy here is that Mercury ( the ruling planet of the Sun Sign of Gemini) goes retrograde today, until December 23rd.
Now- some people dread Mercury Retrograde and – yes- it is a difficult period. Communication can go awry, plans can go wrong, delays may happen all over the place, technical equipment might break down.

I say ‘may’ ‘can’ and ‘might’ as this isn’t 100% certain that this WILL happen to you.. but my advice here is to act as if it would. Being prepared and not leaving things to chance is a good life strategy at any time, anyway!

It’s not a time to initiate new projects – but Mercury Retrograde is actually great for ‘Do Overs’ – going BACK over stuff you already did and doing it again- but better or differently!

In this 24 hour period, especially, with The Full Moon and the start of Mercury Retrograde.. watch your words, stay flexible, allow extra time for everything, and avoid making big commitments.

But above all, don’t forget to look up – and gaze in wonder at the beauty you see in the sky !




The Winter Solstice- December 21st


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Winter Solstice

The Sun Reborn




The Winter Solstice- on the 21st December in the Northern Hemisphere -is that wonderful time on the Wheel of the Year when The Sun returns to the world. From out of the darkest day of Winter comes the rebirth of the light.

Ancient cultures have always marked the Winter Solstice with rituals and celebrations. On this shortest day of the year our ancestors would gather to light fires and perform rituals to honour The Sun and welcome it’s return to us.
Many of us continue to do so, and at the most famous spiritual sites here on Earth, gatherings will still be held to mark the Winter Solstice.


The 5000 year old Burial Chamber at Newgrange, County Meath, Ireland. The chamber was built so that on the Winter Solstice a beam of light penetrates the roof-box and travels up the 19 metre passage and into the chamber. As the sun rises higher, the beam widens so that the whole chamber is dramatically illuminated.



stonehenge-collage  Greeting the Winter Solstice Sun at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England.


This time of year has always been celebrated



The Romans held the week long festival of Saturnalia around the time of the Winter Solstice. This was held to honour the god Saturn and involved extensive, lavish feasts and gift-giving. Ancient Egyptians honoured the rebirth of Ra, the god of the sun.

The Yule celebrations of Northern Europe also arose from the ancient tale of the eternal battle between the Oak King, who symbolises the warmth and light of the Summer months and the Holly King, who represents the cold darkness of Winter.

Here in The British Isles, celebration of the solstice included Druidic traditions, like the gathering of mistletoe- the symbol of fertility and the seed of life. The ancient Druids believed mistletoe to be an indicator of great sacredness. On The Winter Solstice, the Chief Druid would cut the mistletoe from the sacred oak, using a golden sickle. A cloth would be held below the tree to catch the sprigs of mistletoe as they fell- as it was believed that it would have profaned the mistletoe to fall upon the ground.

Having no roots, and no connection to the earth, it was considered the sacred plant of the sun. A tree that hosted a mistletoe plant was a tree marked as particularly sacred

The mistletoe was divided and distributed to the people, who then hung them over doorways as protection. With its golden colour, and growing high off the ground without roots, it was naturally associated with the sun.

It was considered to be the semen of the solar deity and carried with it the promise of the rebirth of the Sun God
So mistletoe was considered a fertility symbol – hence the ‘kissing under the mistletoe’ tradition that is carried on right into the present and no doubt will continue far beyond….


Christmas And The Winter Solstice

The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated on Dec. 25 or Christmas Day all around the world. One theory is that this date was chosen after early Christian scholars debated when it should best be marked to gain widespread attention

Some theories suggest that Christians co opted existing and already powerful times of the year to mark it for their own religious needs.  The Romans were already celebrating the festival of Saturnalia on The Solstice and in Northern Europe, Pagans marked the Winter Solstice itself.  Yule the ancient name for Christmas, comes from the Scandinavian word Jol


Today’s ‘Santa Claus’ is a folk figure with multicultural roots.

He embodies characteristics of Saturn- as I mentioned earlier in connection with the Roman celebration of Saturnalia. He has elements of Cronos – the Greek god, also known as Father Time.


We also see echoes of

  • The Holly King ( the Celtic god of the dying year),
  • Grandfather Frost ( a Russian winter god),
  • Thor (The Norse sky god who rides the sky in a chariot drawn by goats)
  • Odin/Wotan (The Scandinavian ‘All-Father’ who rides the sky on Sleipnir , his eight-legged horse)
  • The Tomte (a Norse Land Spirit known for giving gifts to children at this time of year)  
  • ‘Santa’s reindeer’ can also be viewed as forms of Herne or Cernnunos, The Celtic Horned God



So for us in the 21st century, many of these ancient traditions appear and persist- whether we are aware of this or not:


Evergreen plants are brought into the home in the form of trees, holly and mistletoe, to remind us that life grows and continues.

Even a store bought yule-log-collagechocolate Yule Log is the modern- and edible- version of the dressed Oak or Birch log. These logs would carried or dragged into the home, with much celebration and then placed on the great fires of our forebears. As the old year burned away -symbolised by the Yule Log- a piece of it was kept to place on the fire of the following year.

The  Celtic Horned God Cernunnos manifests in images of reindeer. In the festive colours of red, green and gold that are all around us, we can see the elements of earth and fire- and of course – The Sun itself.  We give gifts to one another and hold great feasts while a Father Figure continues to bestow bounty on us from above as he rides high up in the sky…….



Marking The Winter Solstice


candlesWe can all physically mark the Winter Solstice, in our own way- even if we aren’t able to visit sacred sites or follow all the traditions of our ancestors.
Watch the sun rise and light beautiful yellow or white candles in your home to mark it’s the return. Bake your own specially decorated Yule Log and share it with loved ones, along with cinnamon spiced wine or cider.
Winter Solstice celebrations don’t need to be complex. It’s truly a time to celebrate and enjoy the awakening of the world again… remembering that all is birthed anew. Light comes back in the midst of darkness and as we celebrate life we also set our intentions and wishes for the coming year. It’s the perfect time to write out a list of all the things you would most like to manifest in your life.


A Winter Solstice Ritual

This involves your wishes, your desires or your goals for the year ahead. Take some time over this and carefully consider all your reasons for them
Once you’ve finally decided, then write them one by one on very small pieces of paper ( any colour will be fine, but yellow or white is good)
The next part of the ritual will require:
Spring bulbs- preferably snowdrop or crocus bulb
Earth to plant them in – a garden or even just a pot.As you plant your bulbs in the earth, add the very small pieces of paper into the soil, one piece at a time.


snowdropsVisualise your desires as you do so and imagine the warmth of the sun on the flowers as they emerge through the earth and into the light- along with the joy that you feel as your wishes manifest with them!
Wishing you love, as we all celebrate the return of the light.

Happy Winter Solstice from Martine Alexis Clairvoyance!




Tarot Of The Day Friday December 9th


Your Free Daily Tarot for December 9th by Martine Alexis- Clairvoyant


the-empressThe Empress

Today, you’re able to wield control of your world- but with lots of compassion! Professionally, you may have – or will be offered- leadership in a group situation, where you have the chance to combine professional expertise and power with a very nurturing approach. People around you today will need your management and direction but also your comfort and inspiration. Take pleasure in this. You can truly help others to manifest change and abundance in their lives- as well as in your own. In fact, you should hear news about how hard work is paying off in a very literal financial sense- money is on it’s way to you. It’s always a more intelligent strategy to respect and conserve any spare cash – but today you can enjoy spending some of it with a clear conscience. Your eyes may be  especially drawn by luxurious and gorgeous items !

Love is also abundant today. For the single, you’ll shine in social situations and these should provide the perfect backdrop for you to meet a tantalizing romantic prospect. You’re more likely to share a connection with a totally new person- today is about embracing the present and not regretting the past. The single need to move on to lusher pastures. In the age in which we live, of course, many social situations can now be virtual rather than real life……

Those in relationships should really adore today’s atmosphere of commitment and closeness. You’ll be delighted by the love and loyalty shown to you by your loved ones.




Message Of The Day Tuesday November 22nd

Tuesday November 22nd

Welcome to my  daily blog feature!  Sometimes I’m given the urge by Spirit to use The Tarot at others times it could be Angelic messages or other ways.I work with them in any way they think will help others.

I’ve been posting these on my Facebook Page and on Twitter for a long time-  and now I’ll also be posting them here every day  too. Read about the energy ahead of you that’s reflected in my daily draw.

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Today contains both the Master and Angelic Numbers of 22 and 11 -so Archangel Michael has a message


What is it that might be holding you back? What could be stopping you from being brave and putting yourself out there? Is there something that is preventing you from fully embracing life?

Think about it. If you have no physical reason why you can’t do something, then in practically all cases it’s because of this one thing: Fear.

Fear of failure, fear of disapproval, fear of what others will say… there’s a big list.

There are probably so many of your own particular ‘fear of’s’ that you could add!

For those of you who are actually held back by nothing but fear, today’s message is this-

Just when you think you can’t- you can.

Just when that small voice of defeat starts to whisper in your ear is just when you should silence it by getting up and taking action.

Don’t hide away today- get out there and give it your best. You’ve actually got this…..

Tarot Of The Day Friday November 18th

Friday November 18th

Welcome to my  Daily Tarot blog feature!   I’ve been posting these on my Facebook Page and on Twitter for a long time-  and now I’ll also be posting them here every day  too. Read about the energy ahead of you that’s reflected in my daily tarot draw.

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The Queen Of Swordsaswordqueen2

There’s a forceful energy in the air that’s speeding up thought processes and rapidly converting them into actions! Today, you may get overtaken by a feeling that you HAVE to make some major changes. Now this can be fantastic, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck, dragged down or in a rut. However ( yes, there’s usually a however.. ) do be careful that you aren’t SO full of enthusiasm that you try to change too many things at once!

This should be an excellent day in your work zone.

You’ll have some great ideas to communicate. What you have to say is important, and obviously make sure that you speak up – but be careful of sounding too ‘preachy’ or too sharp with those who – quite simply-  may not be able to keep up with you.

A thirst for change or exploration may extend to your emotional life today.

The single may find romantic opportunities in locations when you  would least expect them – but it’s a wonderful day to embrace the unexpected! If you’re in a committed relationship, there may be something about it that you want to move forward – or even cut back on! You might be drawn to use very direct words about this with partners and loved ones today. Avoid lecturing them, though. You may be tempted to use the force of your words and your wits- but ‘persuasion’ is the word you need to keep in your mind. In fact, try not to use sharp words or tactics on anyone today- even when you know they deserve them… !

As the old proverb goes ‘You catch more flies using honey than you do using vinegar’

( Image from my own version of ‘The Steampunk Tarot’ by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell available from Llewellyn)

The Reveal! Your Angel Messages.




THE REVEAL!  Tuesday 15th November

Which Angel did you YOU connect with yesterday? 1 2 3  or 4 ?

Your Angel message is below. You can still participate- just look at the picture and choose your Angel before you scroll down and read on

Angel Messages Channeled to  Martine Alexis



aaaaangelreading311-11-16The Angels are SO aware……

that many people are feeling distressed and knocked out of balance by some of the more dramatic developments and swift changes in the world recently. So these messages are quite deep and profound. These messages are less to do with any specific predictions of material wealth or of romance but more about how our loving Angels want to bring us all their support and comfort.



1 – Archangel Michael

As most of will know, Michael is the Archangel who is most often shown to us carrying a sword or holding The Scales Of Justice. This symbolises the power that Michael has to bring us strong protection and truth. As well as these, Michael will also give us the courage to get through challenges and face down difficulties. Michael is smiling here, knowing that some of you may already be wondering ‘Oh my gosh – is there something that I’m going to need protecting from?’  Michael says ‘Don’t worry or be afraid! This message is not about needing my protection for dangers ahead- although know you can always call on me in any situation where you need help’

Michael’s message….

to you today is about using his sword to ‘cut away’ anything that’s making you feel powerless, unhappy, disrespected or even unwell. Michael wants to help you to take your back your power!

Out there in the world..

it may be that you’re experiencing a tough time with your working life, that the demands of others are making you feel overwhelmed or overlooked. No one likes to be taken for granted or made to do the unreasonable. Michael will give you the strength you need to speak up for yourself, stand up to demands or to break a cycle, walk away and find something better. It might be that Michael’s message resonates more with you about your emotional life- are there unhealthy patterns or interactions with close ones that are really draining you? Michael wants to help you to cut through these emotional patterns and speak your truth to anyone who is making you unhappy….even if you have great difficulty in ‘letting go’.

If you’re facing…..

challenges with health- physically, mentally or emotionally, Michael is giving you extra strength to deal with them.

In all these situations Michael asks you to

please take time to sit quietly and visualise an etheric cord coming from your Solar Plexus and connecting to the issue, place or person that is challenging to you. Let your mind create this as any shape, size or colour that comes to you first.. don’t second guess it! Now ‘see’ Michael’s sword descending and cutting right through the cord – and breaking the energetic link between you and what’s making you feel dis-empowered. This only needs to be done once- have faith! Let Michael help you take a huge step towards your empowerment and your truth

Michael’s Mantra: ‘Michael, give me courage to face down challenges and to respect and speak my truth’

2: Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel is here to help you feel and experience joy – especially those of you who are in situations where circumstances have caused you to disconnect from this feeling. Archangel Jophiel’s name means ‘Beauty of God ‘ and that’s what Jophiel wants to awaken you to again! It’s not about following any creed or religion. When we hear the phrase ‘Beauty of God’ what that truly means is the delight that we can experience from so many of the gorgeous things around us. Jophiel wants to raise your eyes from circumstances that may have kept them downcast- so that you can see how lovely the world can really be! You may have recently felt like you’ve dwelt in the shadows and some of you may have had to personally overcome ignorance or narrow mindedness. If this caused you mental and emotional pain as well knocking down your sense of self esteem- Jophiel is lifting those shadows from you.

Jophiel loves to ‘awaken’ us!

If you’ve been pushed off a spiritual path or been sidetracked by events from keeping your own spiritual vibration high, Jophiel will bring you tangible ‘signs’ that you’re still connected and you can further your spiritual development. You’ll soon see opportunities to do this- things like meeting like minded people, finding the right places or the synchronicity of any spiritual knowledge you need just appearing at exactly the right time…..

If you want to improve your life in more worldly terms

then Jophiel wants to help you!Those of you who may be learning or studying to advance yourselves will receive help with finding and retaining information, passing exams and getting much better qualifications. You may also be moved to teach what you know- and share your knowledge to raise others up too.

The ‘Beauty’ aspect of Jophiel’s name

also wants to resonate with those of you who literally want to make the world more beautiful. If you’re involved in any creative pursuits- especially anything artistic, visual or connected to colour and design – Jophiel will boost your abilities and help you to show the world the beauty in everything too. The ultimate message to you is to expect the return of JOY and LOVE … and the end of sadness

Asking for Jophiel’s help : ‘Jophiel, help me to feel joy in my life and bring it to others. Give me the wisdom to know which choices will bring love and happiness to me and others’

3. Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel is the Archangel of mercy -helping us to let go and forgive as well as to be forgiven. If you need any help with unhealed energy and emotions that are left over from painful experiences with others, Zadkiel is here to lift them away from you. If you feel that you simply can’t forgive or forget something that has happened, then Zadkiel says that ‘What you resist, persists. Don’t let old grudges gain even more power over your present happiness by clinging to them. Just let go…’

It’s through extending forgiveness to others-

and yourselves- that you’ll also open up to so many of life’s gorgeous possibilities. Our world is so much more joyous when we can get excited by what’s around us or ahead of us and choose not to dwell in the past. Zadkiel wants you to know that you’ll soon meet with people and circumstances which show you that our world can be nurturing, supportive and filled with kindness- your own kindness as well as that of others. If you ask Zadkiel for any emotional healing that you need right now, then your whole focus will move away from feeling like the victim in a bad drama to being the hero or heroine of your own beautiful story!

Zadkiel’s message here is very strong on this point

-about seeing yourself as a ‘hero or heroine’. This is not arrogance or ego. Zadkiel knows that many of you can be so very hard on yourselves. You are so often far too ready to see- and point out- your faults and flaws rather than honour and celebrate your good points and wonderful talents.
It might even have gotten to the stage where you’ve had bad experiences in love and relationships- so now you’ve put up barriers to stop anyone hurting you. Zadkiel will help you to release those thought patterns and habits you might have developed as sheer self defense against painful times and people. It’s time to trust, forgive- and really let love in..
Calling on Zadkiel : ‘Zadkiel, show me how to love life and release any judgments I have about myself or others. ‘

4. Archangel Raguel

Raguel is the Archangel of justice and harmony. They are a ‘champion’ of peace who works with us to combat unfairness and injustice- out in the world as well as in our own lives. Raguel knows that you may have felt some fear or anger about events in life recently but will strongly guide you to deal with this in a really constructive way.

Raguel will give you the will and accentuate your ability to solve problems

and overcome conflict. Here comes the help you needed that’s bringing order back to any chaos in your life. This is going to rapidly manifest on a personal level for you in your own sphere- as well as outside of it. You may actually find yourself feeling a little bit ‘on a mission’ in the weeks to come! Any and all of your efforts are going to be so worthwhile, though- and helping and enlightening others will help you too. Raguel wants to prove to you how any positive actions you take will ‘pay forward’

Archangel Raguel is known for the harmony they can bring to relationships of all kinds.

Romance, family, friendships, and work. If you ask for help, Raguel can instantly calm down or defuse disagreements .At other times they’ll choose to send intuitive guidance to you. You’ll experience this as repetitive feelings, thoughts or signs. In particular, look out for number repetitions – especially 222 or 444. There should even be messages in random song lyrics that you hear or TV shows you see. Raguel is gently smiling and asking you to please not brush these aside and label them as ‘coincidence’ or ‘uncanny’ !

This message from Raguel is meant to be something of a call to action for you.

You’re being nudged to take note of any ‘wake up calls’ or thoughts that you have to actually go and do something about problems. Raguel may even lead you to get involved in outside causes to become a force for change in the wider world. Whether you take up a stance in public or play your personal part in helping your own loved ones come together, you’ll be directly helping to make the world better.

Of course you have free will-

and that’s always honoured and respected- but Raguel wants to deliver an extra boost to you here. It’s a kind of ‘roll up your sleeves and get to to work’ energy that they’re offering to you – but it’s totally up to you if wish to take it and run with it!

Ask Raguel: ‘Help me see clearly what needs to be done right now. Work with me to restore loving order where there is disorder’

Thanks for reading. I hope these messages have  helped you in some way.

As always- this was a Labour Of Love! Martine x


A Free Angel Reading for November 14th


Welcome to my  new blog feature!   I’ve been posting these on my Facebook Page and on Twitter for a long time-  and from now on I’ll also be posting them here every day  too. Read about the energy ahead of you that’s reflected in my daily tarot draw.

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Choose your ANGEL- 1 2 3 or 4 from the picture below

Go with your first choice and don’t second guess yourself

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