A Universal Tarot Reading -June To August 2020

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I’m sending you all my love and my deepest wishes that you stay safe and healthy. This time is truly one of unprecedented challenge for most of us, who have never experienced a global emergency of this kind. 

Where We Have Been and Where We Now Stand

The Tower card reflects the devastating shock of the last five months. The terrible effects of the Coronavirus continue to reverberate around the world and everyone has been affected in some way. The tragic loss of life has left many loved ones reeling with grief and the nations of our world trying to come to terms and cope with what has happened and it’s chaotic aftermath. We’re traumatised.

After such cataclysmic events there is so often a mass mental crisis. People wonder what- and who- can ever be relied upon and trusted again. So many of our core belief systems are being challenged at the moment. We’re now left with little choice but to deal with all the consquences that this virus has left behind, no matter how painful. Know this, though- even a fallen tower can be rebuilt. It can be redesigned to stand stronger and even better than before.

However, we have to work together if we are to achieve that.

The qualities of warmth and of showing great care for one another that make us human can support and grow our future resilience. However, perhaps at this moment in our post Covid world, other far less positive qualities of human nature seem to be in direct conflict to this. Every day there appear to be growing factions and divisions. So we seem to be at a turning point. Will we choose to care for each other or will we choose to come into conflict?

At this moment huge and sudden choices are presented on how we wish to proceed as a society, post Covid. However- like the figure shown in the Two Of Swords card -we may be making some decisions blindfolded. Are we are blinded not by a cloth, but actually by our own fears, beliefs and an inability to see nuance? Can we remove our collective blindfolds and truly look at one another? If not, then we may just stumble on blindly and those swords of truth that we grip so tightly might well prove to become too sharp for our own safety….

 Energies Affecting The World

Our Internal Baser Instincts

When the Coronavirus crisis began and even when it was at it’s peak, there were so many examples of people co-operating with one another, along with wonderful acts of kindness and bravery. The best and brightest part of humanity was so very often on display, side by side with the awful results and consquences of the virus. People at a local and global level were showing unity and empathy.

However,  The Devil Card here represents our shadow self, the one that human beings will also always find a way to express. Often it’s driven by fear, sometimes greed and sometimes the thirst to have power and dominance over other human beings. We can take action to free ourselves from the baser side of human nature but perhaps society has to decide if it truly wants to. At this moment we may be facing a test to see if we can overcome humanity’s baser motivations and reach a place where we can embrace harmony…

Hidden Vested Interests

Nothing exists in a vacuum and world events don’t just play out by themselves. Throughout history there have always been those figures who  ‘work behind the scenes’. Sometimes they do this for altruistic or truly courageous reasons but sometimes they do this for misanthropic or hidden reasons.

The energy of The Moon card here reflects these mysterious forces…

In this age of instant and global communication, Spirit and The Tarot remind us that we should remain alert and question the mass of information that flows our way. Is everything really as simple as it seems on the surface? It’s in the nature of people to wish for harmony and the chance to live in peace and freedom- but sadly this is not always the goal for some in society. It’s important to use our judgement at this time and pull back the curtain on those who want to create conflict in the world and to sow discord…

Paths That We Can Choose

The Path Of Conflict and Chaos

In the Five of Wands card here, all these figures seem to be battling one another. They struggle, they push, they lash out-but there seems to be no motive other than enjoyment of fighting itself. We see this fierce battle, but there’s no obvious purpose or reason.

When we simply can’t seem to find common ground with one another- especially by some deliberate choice or stance-  then conflict will thrive and chaos will rule us all….

Spirit warn that this is one of the paths which we must be watchful of as a society, especially at this time and in our collective post Covid mood. The World’s feelings are still very raw and running high, so there is a real danger that we’re becoming desensitised to global events and -which is worse- to one another. Moreover, that we may begin to see shouting. lashing out, condemnation and conflict as our default way of communicating

The Path Of Repair and Restructure

After the sudden shock and the rapid rise of the Covid 19 virus, we have a chance to change things in our post covid world. 

There’s a real opportunity for us to examine how we relate to one another. It’s going to ask for lots of courage and tolerance and require that we actually listen to what others have to say –even if we agree to disagree. We can walk in one another’s shoes. We can converse and discuss- not scream and shout…

The Three Of Coins card here is the very opposite to the Five Of Wands. It tells us that carefully crafted solutions and well designed plans take calm and co ordination. At the moment there’s a chance to change so many things for the better-how society is financed, the way we work, how, why and where we travel or care for our environment.  To do this properly and for the long term good of all  we need to find a consensus and practice sincere co- operation.

Divine Guidance

What Humanity Must Remember

The Star card concludes this chanelling with it’s message of renewed hope and of having faith. We”ve been through something unprecedented  and are still living in a period of turbulence that seems to have surfaced in it’s aftermath. We can look forward to better times- we need only look back to other harsh eras to remember that not only did we survive them, but we went on to experience peace and happiness once more. History is cyclical and so are our experiences on Earth. No period lasts forever.

Things can get better. Humanity will re adjust and recalibrate. We also need to remember that even in the most unpredictable of times in the outer world we can still make significant personal growth on an inner level. Allow yourself to dream, to aspire and to plan what you want to do in your life that brings you joy. The words of  ‘This is the time to be slow’ by John O Donohue end this reading and are re-produced below to sum up this message…

This is the time to be slow. Lie low to the wall
Until the bitter weather passes. Try, as best you can, not to let the wire brush of doubt scrape from your heart all sense of yourself and your hesitant light
If you remain generous, time will come good and you will find your feet again, on fresh pastures of promise,
Where the air will be kind and blushed with beginning
– John O’Donohue

The Wheel Of The Year- Lughnasadh

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Feast, celebrate- and give thanks

Blessed Lughnasadh

On the 1st of August in the Northern Hemisphere, we arrive at the time of Lughnasadh on The Wheel Of The Year.

At Lughnasadh, it’s time to celebrate the first harvest of the year, but this is always tinged with the sadness of knowing that the long, hot days of Summer will soon end.  In this year of 2020 we may feel a much deeper and more visceral grief,just as Summer prepares to depart from the Northern Hemisphere. The Covid 19 pandemic has swept through our world and has left us still reeling. 

Lughnasadh is a time to honour the Sun God -but also to mark and to mourn his death. This year we’re also mourning the departures in our own world and have to come to terms with huge changes to the way we live. However- humans are a resilient species. We endure. We can still find joy and pleasure marking and celebrating things that are important to us.  The Wheel Of The Year will still turn…..


Lughnasadh is named for the Celtic god Lugh, a god of light, fire and sun. The ancient ones also passed down the traditional tale of self sacrifice or sacrifice by others of a king- whose bloodshed would bless the Lughnasadh harvest, ensure that the land would continue to be fertile and that his people would have plenty for the Winter to come and beyond.


Origins and Legends

Many of the more ancient traditions of Lughnasadh reference sacrifice- but it has become a more modern conception this was literal sacrifice. Archaeological evidence does exist of possible ritual sacrifice or execution- as in the discovery of the amazingly preserved Bog Bodies.

There is the Tollund Man in Jutland, Denmark or Lindow Man in Cheshire, England. An interesting synchronicity is that The Lindow Man’s preserved body – that of a man who may have been ritually killed- was found on August 1st!

However, we have no hard evidence that tribal kings or young males from their communities were selected to literally shed blood over the land to protect it and bless it….


As with all the festivals of the Wheel of the Year and of the Old Religion, Christianity also adopted and incorporated this time into their calendar

It was re named it as ‘Lammas’ which means ‘loaf-mass’. Newly baked loaves of bread were placed on Christian church altars to mark the festival.



Lammas Food and Flowers

Lughnasadh is a time for feasting on the bounty of the land. Grains are ready to be harvested and fruits are ripe and ready for picking.

At this particular time, we should give extra thanks for our food and our bounty to the wonderful people who have worked so hard on the farms and in the whole food supply chain to get these to our shelves and our tables. We must never, ever take them for granted!

Traditional foods at this time include bread, corn, all berries, grapes, blackberries, sloe, crab apples, pears. Many of us will give thanks today by decorating our altars with this colourful seasonal produce. It’s a lovely idea to save and plant the seeds from the fruits consumed during a feast or ritual

Special activities and rituals for Lughnasadh

Firstly- eat, drink and be merry! It’s a wonderful time for being in the kitchen and making lovely things to share. If you can eat outside in the garden or somewhere natural, then all the better. Especially at this time.
The feasting part of Lughnasadh is very important – so enjoy planning it! Even if we can’t have all our loved ones with us to share a feast or gather in a group we can still have the joy of cooking and eating.

Typical ingredients and dishes would be things like pumpkin soup, or any soups made with seasonal vegetables like spring onions and potatoes. Blackberry pie is a great dessert ( pick your own blackberries if you can!) and gorgeous served with fresh or clotted cream.

There are plenty of Harvest recipes out there- there’s so much choice..!

Creative Cooking

Bake your own bread- it represents the first loaf of harvest and you can use it in ritual or have it as part of your meal. Home bread baking has seen a really huge increase during the pandemic. It’s been one of the lighter things to see people showing and sharing their results! So many people are getting creative with ingredients and types of bread….

Try baking some special Lughnasasdh Bread….

Whilst I can’t personally produce stunning looking loaves like the ones shown above, I do love to make bake and often try out new things to add to the bread that I make. If you have children, it’s also lovely to let them help you make it along with their own ‘little loaves’

Take time to meditate and pray. Encourage everyone you break bread with- literally and virtually- to pray or meditate too. We need to give extra special thanks this year for the food on our tables and the loved ones around us. If you choose to sit in a circle while you eat, you can share this lovely spiritual energy of gratitude with each other.

A Lughnasadh Prayer

” On this first day we light a candle to celebrate the harvest.

As the wheel of the year turns we honour the God  and Goddess

We say thanks for the blessings and prosperity they have brought us this year.

We honour our ancestors and we honour all things living on this earth.”

A Lughnasadh Gratitude and Payback Ritual

This is more of a festival for saying thank you and being grateful rather than of trying to manifest things like love or financial abundance. Lughnasadh is about being glad for what we’re already lucky to have!

However- there are ways I like to mark this time and rituals I like to perform. I’m very grateful to the fabulous Kate West for the origin of this ritual.This is a very modern, quite pragmatic ritual that anyone can perform. It doesn’t require you to have lots of magical knowledge or specialist magical tools, except some paper, a pen and two candles!

Take two candles- you can choose a white candle for the Goddess and black for the God if you like or you can choose to have candles to reflect the more vibrant colours of Lughnasadh/August. Respectfully invite the God and Goddess to be present with you as you light each candle and carry out your ritual

Candle Collage
A Lughnasadh gratitude ritual
  • Take 3 small pieces of paper. On one side of each piece make a note of something you’re grateful for or have been happy to receive since the last Lughnasadh
    As you go through your ‘blessings’ list, try to focus on the most significant in which you feel that you may have been especially helped by the God and Goddess. Literally ‘counting your blessings’ will also help you to focus on all the positives you actually have in your life and even doing this will greatly raise your own energy and level of positivitity
  • On the other side of each piece of paper, write an intent or resolution of something you can do to ‘repay’ the energy for the good thing that happened for you
  • They can be directly related. For example- you passed an exam with flying colours, so now you’re going to help some else with their studies or revision. But the things don’t have to be directly related. For example you could be so grateful for finding a new home that you in turn cook someone a lovely meal or make them something pretty to have in their own home.
  • As you turn to focus on each deed you’ve chosen to pay back your blessings- dedicate the performance of your kind ‘payback’ actions to the God and Goddess. You can do this out loud or in your mind. Put your ‘intentions’ in a place where you can see them and remember to perform them!
  • Extinguish your candles. Bid farewell and say a final thanks to the God and Goddess
  • Remember- thanks and kindness will beget more thanks and kindness!
Have a lovely Lughnasadh! I send lots of love and blessings from Martine Alexis Clairvoyance
Lughnasadh Blessings

The Wheel Of The Year-Ostara

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Celebrating Ostara and Rebirth

The Wheel of the Year now turns to Ostara- the celebration of rebirth, where we honour the Goddess Eostre. This is also known as the Spring or Vernal Equinox



As we turn to this time  in the Western Hemisphere, we joyfully embrace the return of life to the Earth after the long darkness of the Winter months. There is, of course, the connection of the name  Ostara and the Goddess Eostre to the Christian festival of Easter.

We can also trace the European name of the Goddess Eostre back to her names of Ishtar and Astarte, in earlier cultures.

All the times on the Wheel of the Year have their profound connection to the eternal life cycle and to the progression of our own soul journey. For me, Ostara is always the one that lifts my soul and my spirits the most.



It uplifts us all to see the bursting forth of new life. Glowing daffodils suddenly appear and the birds begin to sing as dawn arrives earlier. The trees bring forth their buds and blossom.

Ostara is that wonderful reminder that rebirth will always happen, even after the darkest of times.



The traditional symbols and images of The Goddess and fertility are visible everywhere at the moment –  in nature and in wider culture. Eggs, new born chicks, March hares and rabbits being the most obvious and visible examples.


Shop Display

If this reads as too Pagan or arcane, then pay a visit to any supermarket or shopping mall at this time on the Wheel of the Year.

See for yourselves the abundance of Ostara and Goddess symbols on display in the ‘Easter’ section of all the stores.

Our ancient roots in the Old Religion are far more deeply planted in our modern world than we realise

Ways we can embrace the energy of Ostara

One of the most traditional of course, is the Spring Cleanse. At this time I love to de-clutter my home and to give a thorough cleanse with water steeped in fresh rosemary and lemon.

Rosemary is one of the most powerful natural plants used for psychic protection for yourself and your home. It’s traditionally placed in and around doorways to dispel or ward off bad energy. Lemon oil is one of the best aromatherapy scents for lifting your mood and your spirits.

The use of natural beeswax on furniture will also add the most delicious scent, along with the gorgeous natural sheen it will give. We can bring the energy of nature right into our homes with these ways to Spring Cleanse.



I always like to make an energetic ritual of the Spring Cleanse by completing it with a thorough smudging of all the rooms with white sage, to dispel any old, stale energy that is no longer needed in my home or my life.

Open your windows after you’ve smudged each room and focus your thoughts on old patterns of behaviour, circumstance or any situations you wish to release. As you then invite in the Spring energy to assist you in birthing the new, you can speak or chant your wishes and affirmations


yellow candles

It’s a lovely energetic touch to light yellow or orange candles around your home. These help to embed the energy of Spring into your newly revitalized surroundings and will also connect to the energy of the solar plexus and sacral chakras of the physical body.

Do remember to make sure that sage sticks and candles are extinguished when you’ve finished your Spring Cleanse


If being a domestic Goddess or God isn’t your thing, then there many other ways we can embrace the Spring equinox

It’s a great time to ‘birth’ new ideas. For example, if you’re in business, try out new approaches, maybe in your advertising or with your business image. In your job, consider asking for that feedback- or even the pay rise-  you wish to manifest from a boss or colleague.

This is a very powerful energetic time to focus on creating more abundance around you. We can also make this a time to clean up our health and bodies as well as our homes. A far more appealing prospect than in the cold dark January days! Simply getting out into nature and walking is great for you, or maybe going even further and finally getting back to the gym or the pool.



In love, we only have to observe the behaviour of the birds and animals around us to know that this is the most fertile time! If you’re single, maybe it’s time to think about getting out there and meeting potential partners, perhaps in ways you haven’t tried before

If you’re partnered up, it’s the perfect time to rediscover things about each other or to try new things together that make you see your partner in a different light.Rebirth your relationship!

Whichever way you choose to embrace the energy of Ostara, remember to look around you on these lighter mornings and observe~ even for just a few minutes. The world is waking up again, reminding us that life is a cycle and there is always the opportunity to embrace rebirth in some aspect of our lives.

Happy Ostara/Spring Equinox. Have a wonderful and blessed time, wherever you are and may the arrival of Spring bring you

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