Are our worst enemies actually our best friends?

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Are our worst enemies actually our best friends?

Is a conflict in your life actually a soul contract about your life?


Had a great week? I really hope so and I wish you many more of them.
Had a not so great week? Then I send you a big virtual hug and encourage you to read on…..


Maybe it’s been the kind of week ( or month, or year..) in which you’ve been left feeling hurt, let down or even absolutely floored by the behaviour of people around you. If so, perhaps it’s time to look at your situation differently.
These people could be the best friends you’ve ever had.

I’m aware how that may read to you.

Naive at best, hard to process at worst, but sometimes those who do their worst to us are really giving us their best.
I truly believe that on a soul level, we make choices before we even arrive here.

Karmically, I really think that we have elected to have certain experiences that allow us to grow and evolve as souls. That’s not something we can always do alone. So we ask other souls, in advance, to help us learn the lessons that we need to encounter in our current bodily incarnation.


Soul Friends and how they work…

The way these ‘soul friends’ help us to do this is not always in the way we might assume.
If everyone we ever encountered through our lives was nothing but sweet, kind and loving, it would make for a carefree life perhaps- but would that make us stronger, wiser, resourceful or more empathetic ?
How many times have you said to someone in emotional pain or who is going through troubling times;
‘I know just how you feel‘ as a way of offering comfort or support?
Then your soul has learned a lesson and gained the empathy it needed to help someone else.

How many times have you declared….

‘Well that was an awful experience, but I’ll never make that mistake with …………… again’
and known that you won’t repeat it?
Then your soul gained wisdom and discernment and again learned something you could pass on to help others as well as yourself

Think about the times you may have reacted to unfair behaviour or harsh criticism from others by thinking;
‘Ok, I’ll prove them wrong. I’ll show them’
Then your soul gained strength self belief and resourcefulness.

When a stab in the back is actually a helping hand in disguise….

By someone’s delivery of what seemed like a kick in the teeth, they also gave you a gift! The opportunity to make something about yourself better or more successful. The chance to grow.
I’m not claiming that absolutely everyone who has been challenging or hurtful to you is one of these ‘soul friends’.
What I am saying is – look back on some of your interactions with people who may have hurt you in some way and really think about what you took away from that. It may become clear that in hurting you, they have really, really helped you.


Shifting your consciousness

It may take time and a little effort to shift your thought patterns and your consciousness to consider that possibility.
But if you can shift those thoughts, you can let go of old anger, hurt and disempowerment. What was;
Why did they do this to me?’
‘Ah, that’s why they did this to me’




This could be one of the most powerful realizations you experience –  and an acknowledgement that your ‘enemy’ was the ‘soul friend’ who helped you gain it.