Tarot Of The Day Friday December 9th


Your Free Daily Tarot for December 9th by Martine Alexis- Clairvoyant


the-empressThe Empress

Today, you’re able to wield control of your world- but with lots of compassion! Professionally, you may have – or will be offered- leadership in a group situation, where you have the chance to combine professional expertise and power with a very nurturing approach. People around you today will need your management and direction but also your comfort and inspiration. Take pleasure in this. You can truly help others to manifest change and abundance in their lives- as well as in your own. In fact, you should hear news about how hard work is paying off in a very literal financial sense- money is on it’s way to you. It’s always a more intelligent strategy to respect and conserve any spare cash – but today you can enjoy spending some of it with a clear conscience. Your eyes may be  especially drawn by luxurious and gorgeous items !

Love is also abundant today. For the single, you’ll shine in social situations and these should provide the perfect backdrop for you to meet a tantalizing romantic prospect. You’re more likely to share a connection with a totally new person- today is about embracing the present and not regretting the past. The single need to move on to lusher pastures. In the age in which we live, of course, many social situations can now be virtual rather than real life……

Those in relationships should really adore today’s atmosphere of commitment and closeness. You’ll be delighted by the love and loyalty shown to you by your loved ones.





Tarot Of The Day Thursday December 8th



Thursday December 7th.

Your Free Daily Tarot by  Martine Alexis- Clairvoyant



akingofcupsThe King of Cups

Love and admiration take centre stage. You may be more ‘visible ‘ than usual today and can expect others to seek you out and show you lots of appreciation and respect. Professionally, this may manifest as  verbal or written praise or by the offer of better financial rewards for what you do. Whichever way your abilities are being recognised,  today’s energy gives you the opportunity to take a more elevated path- and to realise that you can fulfill even your biggest career ambitions!

Emotionally, it’s wonderful to be wanted but it’s also important to understand ‘self love’. This isn’t about vanity or narcissism, but making sure that we take care of ourselves before we give our all to others. Therefore, you may need to set some stronger emotional boundaries with some people today.  You can still be kind and loving but do try to balance generosity with some tactical – and tactful – unavailability!  Romantically, the single should consider expanding your horizons. Traveling to new locations – or even planning this-may also bring you closer to finding love. For those already in romantic relationships, today has a more fun filled and lighter energy. Serious relationships don’t always have to be serious!  Later on in the day, partners may delight you with actions that show just how much they put you first – and reassure you of their love and affection.

Tarot Of The Day Wednesday December 7th



Wednesday December 7th. Your Free Tarot Of The Day by Martine Alexis


The Queen of Swordsaqueenofswords

Waiting patiently and keeping your hopes up may have their place- but not today! News may arrive that clarifies matters around you to a great degree and helps you to move forward with plans. In fact, Wednesday seems to bring with it a bustling energy of activity and accomplishment -with you at it’s centre. In the world of work and professions, you may have been eager to put your talents to better use or feel ready for a new intellectual challenge. Good news, then! Today favours opportunities and offers. The only consideration here is that you may have to act pretty swiftly to accept them or take them up. If you’re already prepared-  that’s perfect. If not- then do trust your instinct. It’s likely to be sharper than usual today….

In emotional relationships, a spirit of truth may influence all your words and actions. You may be very tempted to ‘tell it as is ‘ and not  to tolerate any form of irrational or demanding behaviour from others. It’s good to respect your integrity – but choose your words carefully when dealing with them.  For those in romantic relationships, some honest -but kind- communication will actually bring you closer together. For the single, love may appear very rapidly and unexpectedly! Give The Universe some help with this by making sure that you’re very  visible today.





Tarot Of The Day Tuesday December 6th



 Your Daily Tarot For Tuesday December 6th by Martine Alexis



lovers1The Lovers

“All the world loves a lover…”

Make time today to be with your closest  ones far away from ‘the madding crowd’. You may need some special time where you can just be with your most loved people – or person.It’s actually a day that really favours romance in all its forms. Today is about embracing love- literally and metaphorically!  Are you having any  disagreements that still linger in the air? Then today is the perfect day to talk them out and see how small they really are in the face of your true connection with one another.Loved ones are ready to see your point of view. For the already coupled up this is a really  harmonious start to the day – and the month of December as a whole. For the single- expect to encounter someone who shares how you feel about life, the universe- and all in between…….

In other aspects of your life, you may feel a strong desire to make happier balance between your outward life and your emotional life! Are your career demands a barrier to you having meaningful emotional connections outside of it?  Today, you should be able to take back more control and really address these imbalances.Stake a claim over where you  want to put  your time and energy!  It’s not impossible- you can find that elusive balance. As the day ends you should be on the road to being valued in your professional life and the adored in your love life!


Tarot Of The Day November 24th


Here’s your Daily Tarot for Thursday November 24th

Happy Thanksgiving to my lovely American friends. Have a wonderful day!


This is the general trend for today’s energy that I get from the cards and from Spirit- who are both guiding the message. For your individual and in depth reading, contact me by clicking the butterfly!



The Three Of Cupsa3ofcupsilluminati

It’s a contented and connected day. In the words of the song – Love Is All Around

Emotionally, today’s about celebrating and feeling contentment with even the smallest things in our lives. Any celebrations and joyful interactions will rely on you playing your part, though. – you need to give as much as you hope to receive from others. Don’t allow complacency to creep in or cause you to take your loved ones for granted- you have to ‘show up’ for them today

Relationships may actually take centre stage today. There may be many people who choose today to make ‘official’ commitments to one another. Expect to hear – or experience-conversations about engagement or marriage!  Those who are already coupled up can expect loved ones to go that  extra mile today- they’ll want to celebrate or mark  your relationship. For the single, love IS in the air- and may spring out at you from an existing friendship or connection.

There’ll be chances to kick back and have good times today –  don’t turn them down! You’re likely to be in need of some mental and emotional relaxation so don’t be afraid to let go a little and seek out the company of others

And don’t forget to count your blessings today- even the tiniest ones

( Image from my own edition of Tarot Of The Illuminati by Erik C. Dunne)



Tarot of The Day November 23rd


Here’s your Daily Tarot for this Wednesday.

This is the general trend for today’s energy that I get from the cards and from Spirit- who are both guiding the message.




The Eight of Cupsa8ofcupslegacy

There are some things we can take a break from or set aside for a short while

Then there are those things that we need to walk away from forever.

Today is a day where many of us may examine what belongs in our lives, what doesn’t-and then act accordingly.

For some of us it may be about emotions and relationships. You may decide to gently move away if something or someone isn’t nourishing your soul. It could go even further and that some connections  have become uncomfortable or even toxic.

If you do decide to move on,the card reminds you that you need to take the time and space for adjustment and healing before immersing yourself  in new relationships.

In the outward part of life- like your career this may be a day when the prospect of moving on  is irresistible. You may no longer have any tolerance for who or what is holding you back or hindering you. You should  actually feel a heady sense of freedom results of your actions to gain more independence.

Think of today as not so much about what you turn your back on- but what you can see ahead!

( Image from the Legacy Of The Divine Tarot by Barbara Moore. Illustrated by Ciro Marchetti)

Message Of The Day Tuesday November 22nd

Tuesday November 22nd

Welcome to my  daily blog feature!  Sometimes I’m given the urge by Spirit to use The Tarot at others times it could be Angelic messages or other ways.I work with them in any way they think will help others.

I’ve been posting these on my Facebook Page and on Twitter for a long time-  and now I’ll also be posting them here every day  too. Read about the energy ahead of you that’s reflected in my daily draw.

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Today contains both the Master and Angelic Numbers of 22 and 11 -so Archangel Michael has a message


What is it that might be holding you back? What could be stopping you from being brave and putting yourself out there? Is there something that is preventing you from fully embracing life?

Think about it. If you have no physical reason why you can’t do something, then in practically all cases it’s because of this one thing: Fear.

Fear of failure, fear of disapproval, fear of what others will say… there’s a big list.

There are probably so many of your own particular ‘fear of’s’ that you could add!

For those of you who are actually held back by nothing but fear, today’s message is this-

Just when you think you can’t- you can.

Just when that small voice of defeat starts to whisper in your ear is just when you should silence it by getting up and taking action.

Don’t hide away today- get out there and give it your best. You’ve actually got this…..