A Guide To The Tarot with Martine Alexis


Those who know me or who visit my website- are probably aware of my passion for The Tarot.




As a professional psychic, it’s one of the spiritual tools that helps me to focus and draw out my abilities. For centuries, those with psychic ability have worked with particular methods and tools that help them to concentrate and focus. A more modern expression for this traditional way of working might be that using these tools and objects help psychics and intuitives to ‘get into the zone’.



The Cards

WEBSITEHomePageAs a reader whose psychic abilities draw together the strands of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, I work with what I see, hear and feel so that I can bring guidance to my clients.

However, I love to sometimes add the beautiful and powerful energies of The Tarot to my readings. I love discussing it and teaching about its’ much loved and ancient spiritual meanings.


The Doorway

I see The Tarot as a wonderful doorway. It reveals profound truths about our natures, our circumstances and our path ahead and is also a powerful channel for developing our own psychic ability.

To gaze into the beautiful mirror to our reality that is The Tarot isn’t going to immediately bring out the psychic in you!  However, what it can do is give you a focus and the confidence to learn to trust and interpret your deepest intuition.

When intuition and the meaning of The Tarot come together in beautiful harmony- it’s very powerful. It also allows us to have a framework to assist our inner confidence so our intuitive ability can grow stronger and begin to fully develop….
This blog post is just meant as my own guide to The Tarot. It’s not meant as the definitive account of a vast subject.  I’m writing very subjectively here- these are very much my own views, feelings and intuitive expressions.I’m not going to hold forth on the huge and complex history of The Tarot- as that would be an entire book or a course rather than just a post!
What I am going to do- as I echo the words of my countryman, the great Dylan Thomas- is to begin at the beginning’. ( I’m actually writing this on what is known as ‘Dylan Day’ throughout the world in celebration of the work of  Dylan Thomas!)


The Tarot


We have 78 cards in the Tarot Deck. 22 in The Major Arcana and 56 in the Minor Arcana. The lovely word ‘Arcana’ translates as ‘secrets’ so I do hope my post might help you to uncover any’ secrets’ or abilities of your own that have so far been hidden way! I hope too,  that it provides some inspiration for you develop them…


The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana comprises 22 cards, each of them reflecting an archetype of human experience or of humans themselves. As such, when they appear in any reading they’re given extra importance or strength in what they mirror. They show the complexity of our lives and the different stages of our journey through it.

Each card is given a name and a number

This begins with 0- The Fool through to 21- The World.
We can describe the stages of the Major Arcana as ‘The Fool’s Journey’, which shows the inner and outer growth in our lives from start to completion.
The word ‘Fool’ isn’t meant to be insulting or pejorative in this context. Really, we need to interpret this word as ‘beginner’ or ‘novice’ to give it’s true energy.


The Fool

My beautiful pictureThere are so many and varied Tarot Decks that it would be negligent of me to focus on just one in my blogs. Generally, we all find one special deck that resonates with us and ‘sings’ to us as I prefer to express it! For illustration, when I discuss a card in this blog, I’ll present some different options for you to consider and help you to feel any energetic link they produce for you.


In it’s positive aspect, The Fool reflects the braver and more carefree aspects of the self, one which is open to change and adventure. In a more ‘warning’ context, it can show a blind recklessness or too little consideration for the outcome of one’s actions.

For example, in these two interpretations of The Fool card (below)I feel that it’s more precarious energetic aspect is illustrated beautifully:



FoolIn the ‘Tarot of the Old Path’ Fool Card…..

We have more than one central figure. As the baby innocently and unwittingly stretches it’s hand to the dangerous flames, the mother leaps forward to save this catastrophic event from happening . Note her hand placed over one eye here. She can’t see – or doesn’t want to see- the full picture!

In the background, a young male traveler sets out on his upward path oblivious to the scene behind him.
He carries his bundle of possessions – along with his hopes and dreams- as he follows the bright sun ahead of him.

We’re being warned here -to be vigilant and to look fully at everything around us before we press ahead….



The Fool 4 ( for Blog)
Again -in my opinion- the more challenging energetic aspect of the Fool’s message is also illustrated beautifully here in the ‘Bohemian Gothic Tarot’ Fool Card

This time a lone figure is shadowed against a dark and mysterious setting. The figure perches precariously on the jutting edge, balanced on one leg, hands outstretched into the unknown space beyond.

Will they leap? Or will they choose to retreat back?

A choice is being presented  here- but we can act as we will.

However, when The Fool appears in a tarot spread we are also being asked to stop and think about the possible consequences of those actions….



Morgan Greer FoolI’ve always felt that the more joyful and potential energy of The Fool is wonderfully shown in the ‘Morgan Greer Tarot’

Here, the figure travels forward with all his possessions in his bundle. The little dog pulling at his sleeve serves as a reminder to him of the reality he needs to keep him grounded- as well as a reminder of our own more ‘animalistic’ desires. The dog also acts as a ‘voice of warning’ – telling our Fool here that he can still turn back…

The rose in The Fool’s hand and feather in his hair show his love of beauty, expression and a possibly overly romantic- and rosy- view of his world.
He ‘s so blissful that he seems oblivious to what may lie in front of him…

However, with the golden glow of the colours used here and the more happy facial expression of this figure I personally find a more optimistic ‘feel’ to this particular version of The Fool. He’s starting an adventure!


Yet another meaning of this card in any tarot spreadThe Fool 3 ( for Blog)

In the ‘Ancestral Path Tarot’ version of The Fool, I love the direct and challenging gaze of the contemporary female figure at it’s centre -The Tarot Reader.

She holds up a card from the spread before her, and sits in front of her mirror- reflecting the reality and desires of the one asking for her wisdom.

In this illustration our ‘Fool’ is the figure who dangles from the corner of the mirror frame.

We’re being asked to literally look again at our actions and ourselves!

The potential is all there – go forward and leap where we will , take some good advice or develop some wisdom of our own….

Drawing The Fool card is actually exciting!

It does bring with it the warning note of acting too rashly- but also the exhilarating and positive energy of new ventures, fresh starts and a renewed sense of optimism.

For all his seeming naivety The Fool also reminds us to believe in our ability to renew ourselves and be brave!

Wishing love and enlightenment to you all on your individual journeys!


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