A Heavenly Double Whammy!



December 3rd 2017 by Martine at Martine Alexis Clairvoyance

So.. tonight we have a Supermoon! A giant, gorgeous glowing full moon will light up the night sky. It’s also going to illuminate much more than the sky .. as this moon is in Gemini, ruler of communication and truth. Now, out there in the big wide world ‘truth’ seems to be one the hottest topics of all.
What’s real and what‘s fake ? ( And what’s ‘fake news’ ) ?

The Full Moon in Gemini will bring some dramatic world wide revelations and there’ll be people in the public realm who feel they just have to speak out or even to confess. Our problem will be deciding who or what to believe – the truth can be a slippery concept…

Personally, you may feel the urge to ‘tell it as it is’ – again, honesty and directness can be wonderful. However, this Full Moon asks you to think before you say what you want to say though. Who do you want to communicate with and why? Will it help or will it hurt?

Slow down and engage your mind before you release your words….

The Double Whammy here is that Mercury ( the ruling planet of the Sun Sign of Gemini) goes retrograde today, until December 23rd.
Now- some people dread Mercury Retrograde and – yes- it is a difficult period. Communication can go awry, plans can go wrong, delays may happen all over the place, technical equipment might break down.

I say ‘may’ ‘can’ and ‘might’ as this isn’t 100% certain that this WILL happen to you.. but my advice here is to act as if it would. Being prepared and not leaving things to chance is a good life strategy at any time, anyway!

It’s not a time to initiate new projects – but Mercury Retrograde is actually great for ‘Do Overs’ – going BACK over stuff you already did and doing it again- but better or differently!

In this 24 hour period, especially, with The Full Moon and the start of Mercury Retrograde.. watch your words, stay flexible, allow extra time for everything, and avoid making big commitments.

But above all, don’t forget to look up – and gaze in wonder at the beauty you see in the sky !




The Media Portrayal Of Spiritual Workers- Blithe and Otherwise!


Warning: This is a light hearted article written by and for those with a sense of humour!

Dictionary definition: Blithe (blīth, blīth)

adj. blith·er, blith·est 1. Carefree and lighthearted. 2. Lacking or showing a lack of due concern; casual: spoke with blithe ignorance of the true situation.
” Hail to thee, blithe spirit!….” Percy Bysshe Shelley – ‘Ode to a Skylark’


I like to blog about many things- spiritual topics are foremost among them- but we’re the sum of all our parts, so my blogs may sometimes veer off and discuss ‘life, the universe and everything’…..


One of my frequent topics of conversation – and the subject of a lot of laughter among me and friends- is the way that ‘spiritual’ people are portrayed in the modern media. This includes newspapers as well as fiction, film,TV etc
Only yesterday, I joked with a very dear client about how I’d be sitting waiting for her in my purple tent, wearing a flowing bejewelled head scarf and waving a ‘Death’ card from a tarot deck. Well… maybe in some corny movie I might be. However, in real life people like me seldom conform to any of the kind of stereotypes so beloved by the media…


blithespiritposterbestOn a trip to London, I was chatting to a lovely actress friend about the various roles she has played on stage. In the course of our conversation, Noel Coward popped up.

Now, I must clarify that this was not literal….

I do actually adore the life and works of the sophisticated and soignee Mr Coward, but he didn’t actually incarnate in a gorgeous dinner jacket, dispensing witty, sardonic advice from the Spirit World…
If that last sentence sounds vaguely disrespectful or mocking of both Mr Noel Coward or my  chosen profession – it’s not meant to, truly. However, it brings me precisely to my point.

A famous work of drama..

My friend had acted in a production of his famous play ‘Blithe Spirit’.
If you aren’t familiar with the play, then briefly, it deals with a character who has a disconcerting visit from his ex wife who is in Spirit form. I won’t rehash the plot of the play here – but here’s a link to Wikipedia,  – which very kindly will.


Madame Arcati

What I want to focus on is one of the main characters in the play, the spirit medium ‘Madame Arcati’. She was beautifully played in the film version by the fabulous and much missed Margaret Rutherford, a huge favourite of mine. So many fabulous actresses have played her over the years. Most recently, the gorgeous Dame Angela Lansbury in  Broadway  and West End productions. However, the character of Madame Arcati has rather become a touchstone for the prevailing images that have built around those of us who engage professionally in spiritual work.


The fabulous Margaret Rutherford and Dame Angela Lansbury- both in full on ‘Madame Arcati’ mode




The following is no way intended as a complaint or a whinge ( much) this is really more of a highly amused observation from me.

It’s been a source of both mirth and puzzlement to me for years about why film, television, literary and newspaper portrayals of psychics and spiritual workers seem to have to include at least one of the following memes/tropes/stereotypes or devices:


The essential checklist for media portrayals of the ‘Spooky Spiritual People’
Seance2 The creepy, dark room.

Add flickering lights /weird shadows as required. Lots of scary paintings on the walls are usually included as a special spooky bonus!




The psychic who wears masses of jewelled rings and a flowing glittering scarf.

The dangling coins on said scarf are optional – but they usually pretty much have to include them. This kind of psychic is generally either a rather unhinged old hag or a mysterious, aloof but beautiful temptress…….




A Crystal Ball- always….

This is usually aOld Woma with crystal ball ‘must have accessory’ for the movie or TV show psychic   (As an accessory, I’d rather have a vintage Chanel handbag- but hey, that’s just me.)





The Tarot Card slipped menacingly towards an apprehensive- or terrified- client


This is ( of course it is) usually the Death card. Sometimes for variety or to really, really underline a plot point it’s The Lovers card. The nice, cheerful Four of Rods card never really gets even a walk on role here….






Stereotype4The Medium who has to be a tortured individual…

They are continually stalked or hounded by the troubled souls of the departed. Kind of like Superfans.

The aforementioned departed don’t tend to just want selfies or autographs, though….


I could go on, but you undoubtedly get the picture. You’ll have seen all of them, probably thousands of times………………

I love that there are some TV shows films and books that represent the work of people like me in a more positive or intelligent way, However… the image of the trailing scarves, crystal balls and gloomy seances won’t quite go away, will they?
I’m so very lucky that I work with such a diverse selection of much loved clients. Ironically, quite a few of them are in the media and creative industries in one way or another. One, a very talented TV producer, had some insight to share when I asked him (ok….when I grilled him relentlessly) about the media stereotyping of spiritual people- especially psychics and clairvoyants


Here’s the conversation in brief:

ME: ‘Have I ever knowingly worn lots of patchouli oil, asked you to literally cross my palm with silver or threatened you menacingly with a Death card in any reading that I’ve ever given you?’
TV PRODUCER CLIENT: ‘No….and thank you for that. But TV execs don’t get the same thrill out of a script that shows someone like you giving amazing readings over a cappucino whilst wearing a very nice wrap over dress.’
I forgave him- just for saying my readings were ‘amazing’ and being nice about my dress- but I don’t really forgive the media in general. My gripe still stands ~ sometimes people like me who do this kind of work get really, really bored of being portrayed as a ‘Madame Arcati’ or other- even stranger- things….!



I do have a mantra though

” A day without laughter is a wasted day! ”

So have a beautiful, fun filled  and blessed day, whoever and wherever you are!

Are our worst enemies actually our best friends?

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Are our worst enemies actually our best friends?

Is a conflict in your life actually a soul contract about your life?


Had a great week? I really hope so and I wish you many more of them.
Had a not so great week? Then I send you a big virtual hug and encourage you to read on…..


Maybe it’s been the kind of week ( or month, or year..) in which you’ve been left feeling hurt, let down or even absolutely floored by the behaviour of people around you. If so, perhaps it’s time to look at your situation differently.
These people could be the best friends you’ve ever had.

I’m aware how that may read to you.

Naive at best, hard to process at worst, but sometimes those who do their worst to us are really giving us their best.
I truly believe that on a soul level, we make choices before we even arrive here.

Karmically, I really think that we have elected to have certain experiences that allow us to grow and evolve as souls. That’s not something we can always do alone. So we ask other souls, in advance, to help us learn the lessons that we need to encounter in our current bodily incarnation.


Soul Friends and how they work…

The way these ‘soul friends’ help us to do this is not always in the way we might assume.
If everyone we ever encountered through our lives was nothing but sweet, kind and loving, it would make for a carefree life perhaps- but would that make us stronger, wiser, resourceful or more empathetic ?
How many times have you said to someone in emotional pain or who is going through troubling times;
‘I know just how you feel‘ as a way of offering comfort or support?
Then your soul has learned a lesson and gained the empathy it needed to help someone else.

How many times have you declared….

‘Well that was an awful experience, but I’ll never make that mistake with …………… again’
and known that you won’t repeat it?
Then your soul gained wisdom and discernment and again learned something you could pass on to help others as well as yourself

Think about the times you may have reacted to unfair behaviour or harsh criticism from others by thinking;
‘Ok, I’ll prove them wrong. I’ll show them’
Then your soul gained strength self belief and resourcefulness.

When a stab in the back is actually a helping hand in disguise….

By someone’s delivery of what seemed like a kick in the teeth, they also gave you a gift! The opportunity to make something about yourself better or more successful. The chance to grow.
I’m not claiming that absolutely everyone who has been challenging or hurtful to you is one of these ‘soul friends’.
What I am saying is – look back on some of your interactions with people who may have hurt you in some way and really think about what you took away from that. It may become clear that in hurting you, they have really, really helped you.


Shifting your consciousness

It may take time and a little effort to shift your thought patterns and your consciousness to consider that possibility.
But if you can shift those thoughts, you can let go of old anger, hurt and disempowerment. What was;
Why did they do this to me?’
‘Ah, that’s why they did this to me’




This could be one of the most powerful realizations you experience –  and an acknowledgement that your ‘enemy’ was the ‘soul friend’ who helped you gain it.

A Guide To The Tarot with Martine Alexis


Those who know me or who visit my website- are probably aware of my passion for The Tarot.




As a professional psychic, it’s one of the spiritual tools that helps me to focus and draw out my abilities. For centuries, those with psychic ability have worked with particular methods and tools that help them to concentrate and focus. A more modern expression for this traditional way of working might be that using these tools and objects help psychics and intuitives to ‘get into the zone’.



The Cards

WEBSITEHomePageAs a reader whose psychic abilities draw together the strands of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, I work with what I see, hear and feel so that I can bring guidance to my clients.

However, I love to sometimes add the beautiful and powerful energies of The Tarot to my readings. I love discussing it and teaching about its’ much loved and ancient spiritual meanings.


The Doorway

I see The Tarot as a wonderful doorway. It reveals profound truths about our natures, our circumstances and our path ahead and is also a powerful channel for developing our own psychic ability.

To gaze into the beautiful mirror to our reality that is The Tarot isn’t going to immediately bring out the psychic in you!  However, what it can do is give you a focus and the confidence to learn to trust and interpret your deepest intuition.

When intuition and the meaning of The Tarot come together in beautiful harmony- it’s very powerful. It also allows us to have a framework to assist our inner confidence so our intuitive ability can grow stronger and begin to fully develop….
This blog post is just meant as my own guide to The Tarot. It’s not meant as the definitive account of a vast subject.  I’m writing very subjectively here- these are very much my own views, feelings and intuitive expressions.I’m not going to hold forth on the huge and complex history of The Tarot- as that would be an entire book or a course rather than just a post!
What I am going to do- as I echo the words of my countryman, the great Dylan Thomas- is to begin at the beginning’. ( I’m actually writing this on what is known as ‘Dylan Day’ throughout the world in celebration of the work of  Dylan Thomas!)


The Tarot


We have 78 cards in the Tarot Deck. 22 in The Major Arcana and 56 in the Minor Arcana. The lovely word ‘Arcana’ translates as ‘secrets’ so I do hope my post might help you to uncover any’ secrets’ or abilities of your own that have so far been hidden way! I hope too,  that it provides some inspiration for you develop them…


The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana comprises 22 cards, each of them reflecting an archetype of human experience or of humans themselves. As such, when they appear in any reading they’re given extra importance or strength in what they mirror. They show the complexity of our lives and the different stages of our journey through it.

Each card is given a name and a number

This begins with 0- The Fool through to 21- The World.
We can describe the stages of the Major Arcana as ‘The Fool’s Journey’, which shows the inner and outer growth in our lives from start to completion.
The word ‘Fool’ isn’t meant to be insulting or pejorative in this context. Really, we need to interpret this word as ‘beginner’ or ‘novice’ to give it’s true energy.


The Fool

My beautiful pictureThere are so many and varied Tarot Decks that it would be negligent of me to focus on just one in my blogs. Generally, we all find one special deck that resonates with us and ‘sings’ to us as I prefer to express it! For illustration, when I discuss a card in this blog, I’ll present some different options for you to consider and help you to feel any energetic link they produce for you.


In it’s positive aspect, The Fool reflects the braver and more carefree aspects of the self, one which is open to change and adventure. In a more ‘warning’ context, it can show a blind recklessness or too little consideration for the outcome of one’s actions.

For example, in these two interpretations of The Fool card (below)I feel that it’s more precarious energetic aspect is illustrated beautifully:



FoolIn the ‘Tarot of the Old Path’ Fool Card…..

We have more than one central figure. As the baby innocently and unwittingly stretches it’s hand to the dangerous flames, the mother leaps forward to save this catastrophic event from happening . Note her hand placed over one eye here. She can’t see – or doesn’t want to see- the full picture!

In the background, a young male traveler sets out on his upward path oblivious to the scene behind him.
He carries his bundle of possessions – along with his hopes and dreams- as he follows the bright sun ahead of him.

We’re being warned here -to be vigilant and to look fully at everything around us before we press ahead….



The Fool 4 ( for Blog)
Again -in my opinion- the more challenging energetic aspect of the Fool’s message is also illustrated beautifully here in the ‘Bohemian Gothic Tarot’ Fool Card

This time a lone figure is shadowed against a dark and mysterious setting. The figure perches precariously on the jutting edge, balanced on one leg, hands outstretched into the unknown space beyond.

Will they leap? Or will they choose to retreat back?

A choice is being presented  here- but we can act as we will.

However, when The Fool appears in a tarot spread we are also being asked to stop and think about the possible consequences of those actions….



Morgan Greer FoolI’ve always felt that the more joyful and potential energy of The Fool is wonderfully shown in the ‘Morgan Greer Tarot’

Here, the figure travels forward with all his possessions in his bundle. The little dog pulling at his sleeve serves as a reminder to him of the reality he needs to keep him grounded- as well as a reminder of our own more ‘animalistic’ desires. The dog also acts as a ‘voice of warning’ – telling our Fool here that he can still turn back…

The rose in The Fool’s hand and feather in his hair show his love of beauty, expression and a possibly overly romantic- and rosy- view of his world.
He ‘s so blissful that he seems oblivious to what may lie in front of him…

However, with the golden glow of the colours used here and the more happy facial expression of this figure I personally find a more optimistic ‘feel’ to this particular version of The Fool. He’s starting an adventure!


Yet another meaning of this card in any tarot spreadThe Fool 3 ( for Blog)

In the ‘Ancestral Path Tarot’ version of The Fool, I love the direct and challenging gaze of the contemporary female figure at it’s centre -The Tarot Reader.

She holds up a card from the spread before her, and sits in front of her mirror- reflecting the reality and desires of the one asking for her wisdom.

In this illustration our ‘Fool’ is the figure who dangles from the corner of the mirror frame.

We’re being asked to literally look again at our actions and ourselves!

The potential is all there – go forward and leap where we will , take some good advice or develop some wisdom of our own….

Drawing The Fool card is actually exciting!

It does bring with it the warning note of acting too rashly- but also the exhilarating and positive energy of new ventures, fresh starts and a renewed sense of optimism.

For all his seeming naivety The Fool also reminds us to believe in our ability to renew ourselves and be brave!

Wishing love and enlightenment to you all on your individual journeys!


For Further Reference and Attribution:

The Tarot of the Old Path created by Howard Rodway and Sylvia Gainsford
( pub: U.S Games)
The Bohemian Gothic Tarot created by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony
( pub: Magic Realist Press)
The Golden Rider Tarot created by Francois Tapernoux
(pub: AGM Müller)
The Ancestral Path Tarot created by Julie Cuccia Watts
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The Morgan Greer Tarot created by Bill Greer and Lloyd Morgan
( pub: US Games)



The Power of NO

Setting your boundaries- and not saying sorry for it!

I’m not NO Thanks vintagedeliberately trying to paraphrase the great Eckhart Tolle here, I promise.
Today’s blog stems from a series of pretty deep conversations I’ve had with various people recently.

The conversations have been about the boundaries that we place around ourselves and our lives, and in most of them a recurring theme was a collective fear of saying ‘No’.




Perhaps it’s become one of the words we most dread saying. If we ‘choose to refuse’, this can often be accompanied by that nagging thought of what we might miss out on, who may be offended by us, fear of our own ‘selfishness’ or- in this day and age of public shaming- being regarded as such by strangers as well as close ones.


Do many of us secretly fear that saying the word will result in us being regarded as some misanthropic Ebeneezer Scrooge like figure?
I’ve  deliberately put inverted commas around the word to underline that what the world at large might label as ‘selfish’ in others is often more likely to be sheer self preservation in our own minds.


Witnessing collective human goodness at work is fantastic. The way strangers automatically and instinctively offer help to each other in emergencies and catastrophes is awesome in the true meaning of the word.


 Cycles and Patterns

However, when we distill this down to individual relationships, our best efforts to offer support those around us can turn into an exhausting and continuous pattern of ‘rescuer’ and ‘rescuee’
For example, the friend who is constantly giving you their trials and tribulations to ‘solve’, a partner/friend/colleague who could really live up to their potential if only you give them more of your time and effort, the workplace that can only truly function efficiently if you work the overtime/meet the deadlines.
Do these few examples have an air of being all too familiar? If they do, then it’s time to acknowledge and embrace ‘The Power Of No’



There are ways of saying it. You don’t have to rush around yelling ‘NO!’ at the top of your voice to anyone who cares to ask- that’s only going to  put you in the YouTube Hall of Fame and Shame..
However, there are ways of saying ‘I honour my own integrity, emotional well being and time’ and choosing to say ‘No’ to certain people and situations amounts to the exact same thing.
Think about the message that you send to others when you  say ‘Oh I don’t like to say no’. They pick up on it being totally fine by you to jump right over and across all those boundaries that you haven’t even told them exist…..and so a cycle of resentment begins that can be almost impossible to break.



Yes PleaseSo today, think about when and where you can choose to refuse. Set your boundaries so that they are visible to those in your life.
Doing this can give you the time and space to say ‘Yes’ to other things!


A lovely review from ‘Soul and Spirit’ Magazine!

The lovely team at ‘Soul and Spirit’ Magazine here in the UK  have published a review of me and my work in their April 2016 edition.

It really is a joy to connect with so many wonderful people and to read for them. I feel truly humbled!



Reviewed by Hannah Tudor

“Martine is unlike any other psychic who has read for me. Not only did she tap into my energy via clairvoyance (seeing objects and pictures in her mind’s eye), she also used clairsentience (sensing my feelings and emotions) and clairaudience (where she picked up auditory messages meant for me).

Her reading was unnervingly accurate.

She sensed I may have some abundance blocks and suggested working with the crystal citrine. Plus, we spoke about some stuck energy I could have in my root chakra. She was incredibly supportive and understanding, and I came off the phone feeling a lot more confident in the life choices I’ve been making lately..”



I was also delighted ( and again, humbled) when my work was first reviewed by ‘Soul and Spirit’ magazine back in January 2013


 Reviewed by Elizabeth Fraser

‘ I expected a general overview of the next few months. However, Martine also predicted a number of life-changing events would take place- many of which I thought were highly unlikely. 
Amazingly, they’ve all pretty much come true since I had the reading, including a sudden, totally unexpected house move
( which she not only said would happen, but also described in detail right down to the colour and style of the front door)
She also suggested there’d be changes in my career and personal development, and that my writing hobby would soon lead to a series of books being published- all of which has now transpired. She even told me to watch out for a bottle of bergamot oil that’d lost it’s top in the move! I’m now super excited about seeing whether some of her other predictions ( including one about a new partner coming into my life and another about launching my own business) will happen.
I’d happily recommend her to others, and will definitely be calling her again in a few months to discover what’s in store for me in the rest of the year’
I really love ‘Soul and Spirit’ Magazine- not just for the great reviews ( LOL) but because it’s a great publication that spreads so much joy, great information and empowerment.It brings ancient spirituality bang into the 21st century in a gorgeous modern format!
I highly recommend it

Protecting what’s precious. Keeping your energy clear in a toxic world

This article also features on my main website  where you can also read more about me and the other services I provide- such as my in depth personal clairvoyant readings.


Protecting what’s precious

Keeping your energy clear in a toxic world


In so many of my interactions with people over the years, one of their most frequently expressed fears is the dread they feel about certain physical situations around them. These are so very often described to me using the term ‘toxic

We talk about how co- workers, authority figures or other people with whom they come into contact will leave them drained or exhausted, often to the point of tears. Some have a sense of being constantly ‘bombarded’ by the feelings and emotions of others around them. Another group of people are so psychically sensitive that they experience a range of spiritual phenomena with which they aren’t familiar and this leaves them feeling very apprehensive, un-grounded and sometimes fearful.

Awareness and Protection

As I examine these issues with them, I often find that so many of these highly energetically sensitive souls aren’t fully aware of their need for psychic or energetic protection or even how to go about this. So, in this article, I want to look at ways in which you can protect yourself and your energy from situations which you feel impact negatively upon you.
I realise that I’m writing this from the perspective of someone who chooses to live, work and teach in a calm and spiritual environment. However, I do also live in the ‘real world’ and have found myself in some pretty spiritually hostile environments at times!  When I’m discussing the topic of energetic protection, I promise you that I’m not trying to dispense wisdom from atop the lofty heights of some ever present spiritual nirvana…… !
Its true that in personal situations we can’t guarantee to get along with absolutely everyone we meet, especially in the context of things like working environments or relationship issues. However,  it can certainly help you greatly in dealing with all challenging situations if you do something to energetically protect yourself in those type of environments.

Energy Fieldsaprotect13

In this article, I’m not only referring to the metaphysical energy that we all possess, but also what is proven by the science of physics. Every living thing -according to the science of physics- has an energetic field which surrounds it. We can call it the ‘aura’ or ‘etheric field’ but whatever term we choose, there’s an energy field which exists around our human, physical bodies.
The way I see it is that the physical aspects of our energy fields are inextricably linked to our spiritual selves -and our resultant spiritual well being. If both are in balance, that’s wonderful. If not- then this can be the source of many of the physical, emotional and spiritual problems that we experience.
Protecting our own energetic field – or aura- is a key to physical and spiritual wellness. If this is not something you’d ever consider, then let me apologise here for the following- which may seem ridiculously obvious analogies that show our reasons for doing so.

For example, just consider what if…



It’s pouring with rain and freezing cold outside. You have a warm coat and an umbrella in your closet

However……. you choose not to put the coat on or take the umbrella with you when you go outside into the wind and rain.

 You leave your home to go out, but you choose to leave the front door wide open behind you.
I doubt that any of us would dream of actually doing either of the two things listed above. But many don’t think twice about doing the exact equivalent to their own spiritual energy field.
Basically, what that means to us on an energetic field level, is that it allows anyone to completely ‘rain’ toxic energies onto us, or to just freely enter our energetic ‘home’ to rob or vandalise it.
Apologies for what might read like slightly negative – or even scary- metaphors. However, I’m actually using them to point out how quick and easy it can be to apply psychic or energetic protection. It’s exactly like the physical acts of closing the front door behind you for security, putting on a coat before going outside into the cold or hoisting an umbrella against a torrent of rain that would otherwise soak you through.

Psychic Protection Techniques

Techniques for working with energetic protection are many and varied, just as people have totally different learning and working styles. Here are some ideas on energetic protection that you may like to use. I haven’t linked them to any particular belief system or religion, but you might wish to call on your own Spirit Guides, The Angels, Deities or Totem Animals- whichever you feel is appropriate for your spiritual beliefs-  when using them.

For those who learn or work best by physically ‘doing’.  A Kinaesthetic Technique

If you’re sufficiently physically mobile and able to perform this action safely and without strain, then try drawing a ‘Circle Of Protection’ around your entire body.
⦁    Standing completely upright, lift your arms above your head – extending your middle fingers. In Reiki healing, these are the ‘fire fingers’, the ones we use for channeling the Reiki energy the most powerfully.
⦁    Draw the extended arms and fingers down- fingers pointing outward- to either side of your body until you reach your waist.
⦁    Bend your knees slightly as you continue to move your arms down and around both feet. Then touch the floor with both fingers. You’ve now drawn a circle around your entire body and energy field.
⦁    Gently and slowly move to stand upright again and let your arms gently drop to your sides. As you perform this action say aloud or to yourself:
 ‘I am surrounded by this circle of light and protection I place around myself. Nothing can pierce it. I am safe. I am completely shielded within it from any negative energy that comes toward me’

Spiritual Help


Again, depending on your belief system, you can also invoke help at this stage.
Some people, for example,might ask for the additional protection of the Archangels, in particular of the Archangel Michael. Others may invoke a Goddess or God from a particular pantheon of their religion. Others may ask for the assistance of their protective animal totem such as the bear, lion or wolf. You don’t have to invoke them, but if you like to draw on your own belief system then this is the best time for it.
It will literally only take seconds to perform this action and say this mantra. Many people use this technique right at their front door, before they step out for the day. It always reminds them to perform it if they also link it with prosaic actions, like putting on a coat or lifting a set of keys!

For those who work best by visual means or with images. A Visual Technique

 aprotect2Picture yourself and your energy field bathed and surrounded by a ray or many rays of light. The colours of these rays of light can be linked to the different colours of each of the 7 chakras -or energy centres – of the body.
Violet for the crown chakra which is the seat of our psychic energy and connection

Indigo for the third eye chakra and our ability to sense the emotions of others
Sapphire blue for the throat chakra and our need to express truth to ourselves and others
Pink or Green for the heart chakra and our ability to give and receive love.
Yellow for the solar plexus chakra and our sense of our self belief
Orange for the sacral chakra and our sense of masculine or feminine identity
Red for the root chakra and our sense of security and protection
Or  you can visualise  the pure white light of universal protection.

The ‘Bubble of Protection’

Visualise yourself ‘sealed’ within this light for the whole day ahead. This light can take on any shape you wish. For example a bubble or a circle, a pyramid or any other shape that spiritually resonates with you.
  In any challenging situation, just close your eyes briefly and ‘remind’ yourself visually that you’re surrounded by this impenetrable shield of light. Any negativity sent to you will just ‘bounce’ away from you and the shield, and be sent out to the Universe to be healed.
Objects and totems that can be worn or carried for spiritual protection
Some people prefer to have a protective object or totem that they always carry with them or wear.
I find myself most often drawn to and in turn recommending crystals for this purpose.The particular crystal that I find the most amazingly effective for energetic protection and shielding is Black Tourmaline, which can be very easily and reasonably obtained in good crystal stores. Not only does this lovely and powerful mineral friend help us to deal with negative human energies, but it’s also a wonderful shield against the electromagnetic stresses which emanate from computers and mobile phones/masts.

Black Tourmaline as a natural stone and in polished form. It’s a wonderful protective crystal, whether carried as a ‘pocket stone’ or worn as a pendant, ring, bracelet or as any form of jewellery.
I hope that anything I’ve written in this article is helpful to you on the topic of psychic and energetic protection. Obviously this is not- out of sheer necessity of space- meant to be an exhaustive or all encompassing take on the subject!
However, if you’re new to the concept- or even just refreshing your memory- then it may add some new inspiration to your daily spiritual practices.
I wish you all love, spiritual peace- and protection.