A Universal Tarot Reading April 2020 By Martine Alexis

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I’m sending you all my love and my deepest wishes that you stay safe and healthy. This time is truly one of unprecedented challenge for most of us, who have never experienced a global emergency of this kind. 

For me, it really didn’t feel ‘right’ at this time to focus on individual astrological signs and predictions but to do nothing wasn’t an option! So, I worked with The Legacy Of The Divine Tarot and asked for guidance on what I could do or write here that might be best for everyone.

I’ve been drawn to channel Universal guidance and insight for all of us and do my very best to pass on anything that may help.  There was a lot to say and thus is rather lengthy- so please bear with me! Perhaps read this in parts and not all at once.

Like so many of us, I’m staying home to keep safe and help our health service but as always I’m still available for telephone readings worldwide

Be strong. Be safe. Be well .

The Past

The Background To This Time. The Fool

If we were to truly stop and think about the risks that we take every day of our lives- catching planes, driving cars, even just crossing the street – we’d overwhelm ourselves with anxiety! 

It takes more courage and leaps of faith than we realise, just to live our everyday lives. In our 21st century world, we don’t often think about how the world runs or how in quite a short time, we’ve become a vast, intricate global economy and society

Just one click on the screen of a computer or phone can mean a parcel has to be dispatched from the other side of the planet, loaded onto a plane to fly thousands of miles, driven on a truck and then conveniently come right to your door. 

Some may say – and, yes, there’s truth here- that this is progress, this is how the world now interacts and how life should be. Most people’s lives have become so much easier than our ancestors could ever have imagined

We’ve expected that most things will happen instantly, or if not, then very conveniently and that our needs will be taken care of. Most people are able to shop for anything they want, any time they like, They can travel to wherever they wish- and take their selfies from those far flung places all over the planet. We’ve felt free to indulge all our needs, to pursue our deepest desires. Perhaps we’ve come to feel entitled to have all of our things, experiences and adventures.

In the Major Arcana of the tarot, we begin with the Fool’s Journey. The Fool figure steps out blithely, filled with the confidence that nothing will happen that gets in the way of the pursuit of their dreams, their goals, their journey.

Until it does….

That little voice in the background ( represented here by the dog in the card) that pleads “Stop. Look around you. Always be prepared for danger”  has perhaps, like The Fool does in the card here, been ignored by us…

Now, though, we have to listen and be careful. Now, we have to pay more attention to where our world and society have been heading….

The Present

Our Reaction To This Time. The Wheel

The phrase ‘life comes at you fast’ has been popular for many years. It’s most often used in a jokey or ironic way but now it represents harsh reality for us. The sheer size and speed of what has happened has found so many places and people unprepared -or even in denial.

Already, the impact on everything- from the economy to our social interactions to our environment- has been enormous.

The Wheel card reflects how in just a couple of months, our world is experiencing a social and political upheaval that most of us could never imagine.

However, humanity’s greatest strength lies in our ability to adapt rapidly and the way in which we can actually rise to challenges. This ‘new normal’ has forced us all to make speedy- and sometimes scary- adjustments but within this we’re seeing so many different examples of ingenuity and invention in the world, by nations and by individuals. 

There’s now- and going to be-a deployment of people and resources on a huge scale. All of our ability to connect globally and the rise of technology- discussed above in The Fool card guidance- could now be re-purposed and put to a far more profound and better use by humanity. Things that we thought were just for our amusement and convenience may actually now help to get us and keep us working, connected, fed and medically treated.

The true nature of people is also being revealed at great speed and with real clarity.

We increasingly have confirmation of decency, goodness and unselfishness. Not just where we may have hoped and prayed to find it- but where we didn’t expect to. There’s also the shock of seeing absolutely jaw dropping levels of self involvement and selfishness from some! However, for each individual who shows that they lack empathy there will be so many, many more who respond and reach out to others with reassurance, generosity and pragmatism.

We may see a rapid and growing backlash against those who put their own interests first or who keep pushing on with self centred messages, agenda or behaviour, despite what’s going on around them. Resources and money are now needed for vital things.

There may be people and organisations who don’t realise this or who don’t quickly wake up and see this huge need for more cohesion, communal effort and consideration. Society is speedily changing before our eyes and very soon they’ll find themselves irrelevant and ignored- at best…

The Collective Feeling

Getting Through This Time. The Hermit

The mantra we now hear everywhere is ‘Stay at home and stay safe’. The advice is right. We have to help stop a global spread. We owe it to ourselves, our loved ones and all our wonderful health care workers, putting themselves in the front lines to care for us. Drawing this card is a reminder that to some extent we all The Hermit now…

As well as the outward processes of physical isolation and keeping our distance, there are also the changes brought about internally, the ones that people experience when all their old habits or accustomed social interactions just fall away.

There may be a short period of anger, of blame or even of recrimination as frightened people lash out or the less kind and altruistic among us use this time to score points. Some of us may simply clam up or want to have less to do with others when we see these types of reaction, Others may not cope very well at being confined in close quarters with others.

Conversely, in this ‘Hermit’ time many children may be conceived! Those already here either need to be taught at home or schooled online and parents who have to teach them will discover hidden talents. Those same children, along with families and loved ones will doubtless all get on our nerves! They will also bring us more comfort and joy than we had ever previously realised.

Role reversals may become common as elderly people ignore what their children and grandchildren say to them- acting rather like rebellious teenagers! We may become ‘the parental figures’ to our own parents, as love drives us to keep them safe and forbid them from going out.

The more negative energy will not last so long, though, In this crucial time, humanity is soon going to display just how ingenious we are and -even from isolation- just how very kind and encouraging we can really be to each other.

Even in despair, we’ll find- are already finding-new ways in which we can be isolated and connected. We only have to cast our eyes to Italy.  Emotionally and socially, they have reacted early on to the fear and isolation by playing music for each other from apartment windows and by performing collective opera from individual balconies. How very quickly, in both the literal and metaphorical sense, we’ve started to sing and share uplifting words and songs with one another from a distance.

This time is not just going to change things outwardly- it’s also very much about the deeply profound inner journeys we must take and the lessons we have to learn. Those are going to have repercussions for years to come…

The Collective Effort

What We May Do At This Time. Six Of Coins

We may feel as if the current situation has been going on for ages, but really but we’re still at an early point. However, we are at a place where we have to decide if society is going to unite in a communal effort. Are we seeing ourselves as all in the same boat? Our actions and behaviours now have longer term implications – do we just act as individuals or work for the collective good?

The Six of Coins here seems to tell us that a spirit of generosity and openhandedness may yet win the day.

This is already apparent in so many of the acts of individual kindness that we’re seeing more of every day. I can only write personally here but there’s genuine warmth and friendliness in everyone I’ve encountered during this time-virtually or in my very brief forays into the outside world. It truly feels like the majority of people really do want to help each other and to give each other support, whether in emotional, practical or financial ways. 

This could be huge! Currently, so many people’s finances are being hit hard by what’s happening, that there may be a very profound ethical and political shift towards how nations can and will help to financially support people in times of crisis and beyond.

The world of work is changing daily. Working- and being educated- from home and long distance has had to become the new normal. Of course, that’s been hard, but there’s already been a very big consciousness shift here. All kinds of organisations and workers are now questioning whether once things are back to being settled again they’ll want -or need- to return to the the’ ‘old order’ of people doing 9 to 5 crammed together at very close quarters. Flexibility and – shockingly- generosity is already starting to manifest far more from employers….

As we all see, travel is a huge issue. We’ve taken it for granted or seen it as an absolute right that we can hop on a plane or jump in a car and go anywhere. We’ve also incorporated a huge amount of travel into working life.Right now we just cant do this, but we’re also asking ourselves- do people need to be there? Some, of course, have to, but many really don’t!

However, the coming decline in travel won’t just be because we realise planes,trains, airports and stations are a means of spreading Coronavirus through our world, It’s also because people are seeing that so much of what normally happens face-to-face can very easily be replaced by technology.

Our relationship with food is already changing too. We’re already getting used to a lack of choice- but also becoming realistic and awakening to the fact that for most of us there’s been far too much choice! In many countries we’ve developed a consciousness that says we can eat “What we like, when we like. As cheaply as we can.” That culture hasn’t changed quite yet- but it’s still early on.

The greatest collective effort, of course, is centred around health. We’re fast learning that so many things aren’t that necessary to society but that a strong healthcare system is beyond precious to us. As are the superb people who work within it – our doctors, nurses, all of those in the front lines of healthcare and those running the system.

In the hospitals we’re seeing the very best of humans and human endeavour up against a global challenge. More and more people are waking up to the fact that we must learn to guard and honour these, our most essential people. We need to pay them well and we also need to properly fund health care systems worldwide…

The Outcome

What Emerges From This Time. The World

For a very long time, society seems to have expanded and functioned as a global economy. When there are crises, each nation is propped up by emergency interventions from central banks

Meanwhile, the underlying and deeper ills that cause them have perhaps been ignored. Socially and politically, the current pandemic has really highlighted this. People are now truly questioning how- and why- things are run as they are. Does our future lie in pursuing profit, encouraging consumerism and facilitating mass mobility? 

The World card here indicates that this future is now up in the air, in flux. We may not choose –  we may not be able to choose- to continue along this path.

Potential changes in how economies work may accelerate a change in how we regard and conduct our working lives.

Physical work spaces may shrink, becoming places that we use infrequently for catching up, rather than where we need to spend 40 hours a week. People will then need to develop different – and much better- managerial and team skills if most of the workforce is remote and virtual.

When schools and universities return, both teachers and students may also question whether they really need to all be in the same room to study and work. People may feel they’d prefer to study closer to home- or even at home. Perhaps so many international students will carefully consider whether they really want to be halfway around the planet if another disaster or outbreak ever occurs.

After the terrible toll of the worldwide epidemic of 1918, some countries set up national health services. It took some of them later, after the horrific trauma of World War 2- but they did it. This current pandemic is showing us just how vital it is to humanity that we have universal healthcare. When we do emerge from this, it may revolutionise the way health care’s delivered and apportioned by all nations of the world to their people.

Environmentally, some are already seeing and saying how less physical movement and industrial activity is slowing down emissions.

There’s a lot of evidence now gathering which shows how the current situation and resulting enforced slow down are helping planetary renewal. However, whilst our planet may be starting to breathe more easily there are also going to be just as many people who acknowledge this but also wonder ‘How will we all pay our bills?’

This is a big test. Post pandemic, how do we look after our planet and also those who lose out when society stabilises. Everyone deserves a fighting chance in a civilised society. It shouldn’t be reduced to how much use a human being is, compared to the cost of looking after them. A sense of our shared responsibility for the most vulnerable  is emerging as the pandemic has taken hold. There will be pressure to continue this movement once we get control of the virus.

We’re seeing that our strength is not just about medical resilience. The post pandemic future offers us a chance to make our social and civic bonds stronger too. 

We could change the way that we relate to ourselves, our families and care for our communities. The qualities of warmth and caring that make us human can support our future resilience as the human race.

We will emerge from this, We will beat this. But we will be forever altered….