The Wheel Of The Year – Imbolc

Martine Alexis on how we can mark and celebrate The Wheel Of The Year. Read how the most primal and ancient of our traditions still connect to our 21st Century lives.

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Honouring The Maiden Goddess

Imbolc is the point on the Wheel of the Year that’s also known as The Feast of Brighid, The Feast of Lights and that Christians call ‘Candlemass’. 

With it, we mark the first signs of the return of Spring. Even as Winter continues it’s march across the land, we watch with hope as the snowdrops emerge from the cold ground and life pulses in the sleeping earth once more. This is a time where we purify and prepare for the warmer Spring days.



Imbolc is thought to have been significant since the Neolithic period. This is based on the alignment of some Megalithic monuments. For example, at the ‘Mound of the Hostages’ on the Hill of Tara in Ireland the inner chamber of this ancient site aligns with the rising sun on the date of Imbolc




At Imbolc, we honouvirgin-aspect-of-the-goddessr the Goddess Brighid in her ‘Maiden’ aspect. The waxing crescent moon and white candles are symbols that represent the strength and purity of the virgin aspect of The Goddess who brings new life to the earth. Her name- Brighid/Bridie – is also said to be the origin of the word ‘Bride’.

Brighid’s virgin/maiden aspect of The Goddess, her association with new fertility, flowering and the colour white is said to be origin of the custom of a ‘Bride’ wearing white and carrying flowers at her wedding.


The name of Brighid or Bride was later Christianised as ‘St Bridget’ and the worship of this ancient goddess was taken into the Christian church. Her origins are far more ancient than that. She is a Goddess of Fire, The Sun and of Hearth and Home. She brings fertility to the land and its’ people and is closely connected to birth, babies and midwives/wise women.



She is also the gochalice-wellddess of sacred wells and springs. At Imbolc celebrants would – and still do- visit Holy Wells. The Holy Well is ‘dressed’ and celebrants leave offerings to Brighid. The one pictured here is the very special and sacred

Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England.



It’s traditional to pray for good health whilst walking deosil (clockwise) around a Holy Well. Water from the Holy Well can then be used to bless people, personal objects and the home and hearth. In older times it would be used to bless the fields and livestock too.


 Symbols associated with Brighid



The Swan.

 Swans mate for life and symbolise loyalty and  faithfulness.

The Brighid Cross. 

A fire wheel woven from reeds to acknowledges Brighid as a Sun Goddess. 


To signify the emergence of Spring in the midst of Winter.

The Sacred Flame.

Imbolc is a Festival of Fire and Light.

Indeed, all kinds of fires are associated with the Goddess Brighid – the fires of creativity as well as the protective fires of hearth and home….



An Imbolc Ritual

Light a white candle in your home just before sunset.


Turn off all the lights so that just one candle is burning. This represents the little spark of Spring light which glows in the midst of Winter’s darkness.

Go to your your front door and knock three times to represent the request of the Goddess Brighid to enter your home.

Invite Brighid to enter, asking that she bring with her health, happiness, success, abundance and love to all in the house.

Take some time to breathe deeply, visualize, and feel the presence of The Goddess and your connection with her and with life itself. ‘See’ yourself renewed, happy and successful in your chosen situation.

Thank Brighid for her presence and her visit. As you do so, go around your home from room to room and put every light back on to symbolise that Brighid has helped the return of light to the world and to your world in particular!


Other things to do at Imbolc

imbolc-collageUse the Imbolc colours of white, lavender, silver and red in other forms to decorate your space. Incorporate or wear crystals like Amethyst or Clear Quartz. Place pots of growing snowdrops around the home. Make an altar or sacred space and enjoy dressing it.

On a very practical level, have a complete clear out of what is worn out or not used. To celebrate growth, plant bulbs and seeds in your garden or in pots. You can even have an early Spring Clean. Use lavender and rosemary water to literally – and spiritually- cleanse your surfaces. Water containing vinegar and mugwort combined will make your windows and glass shine.

This is the time to acknowledge and honour the strength and power of The Maiden Goddess and of renewal. It’s a time to let go of the past and to look to the future.

In your home, clear out the old and make space for new things. Look around you at items in your life that could be re newed, re vamped or recycled in readiness for the warmer Spring days. 

Revamp yourself too! Take a candle lit ritual bath with water steeped in lavender to soothe your body, mood and senses and  add sea salt to cleanse away and detoxify any lingering old energies. From spring cleaning your home to clearing your mind, body and soul- Imbolc is our time to enjoy and celebrate rebirth……..






A Heavenly Double Whammy!



December 3rd 2017 by Martine at Martine Alexis Clairvoyance

So.. tonight we have a Supermoon! A giant, gorgeous glowing full moon will light up the night sky. It’s also going to illuminate much more than the sky .. as this moon is in Gemini, ruler of communication and truth. Now, out there in the big wide world ‘truth’ seems to be one the hottest topics of all.
What’s real and what‘s fake ? ( And what’s ‘fake news’ ) ?

The Full Moon in Gemini will bring some dramatic world wide revelations and there’ll be people in the public realm who feel they just have to speak out or even to confess. Our problem will be deciding who or what to believe – the truth can be a slippery concept…

Personally, you may feel the urge to ‘tell it as it is’ – again, honesty and directness can be wonderful. However, this Full Moon asks you to think before you say what you want to say though. Who do you want to communicate with and why? Will it help or will it hurt?

Slow down and engage your mind before you release your words….

The Double Whammy here is that Mercury ( the ruling planet of the Sun Sign of Gemini) goes retrograde today, until December 23rd.
Now- some people dread Mercury Retrograde and – yes- it is a difficult period. Communication can go awry, plans can go wrong, delays may happen all over the place, technical equipment might break down.

I say ‘may’ ‘can’ and ‘might’ as this isn’t 100% certain that this WILL happen to you.. but my advice here is to act as if it would. Being prepared and not leaving things to chance is a good life strategy at any time, anyway!

It’s not a time to initiate new projects – but Mercury Retrograde is actually great for ‘Do Overs’ – going BACK over stuff you already did and doing it again- but better or differently!

In this 24 hour period, especially, with The Full Moon and the start of Mercury Retrograde.. watch your words, stay flexible, allow extra time for everything, and avoid making big commitments.

But above all, don’t forget to look up – and gaze in wonder at the beauty you see in the sky !



A Friday Freebie For You!



Here’s a little freebie for Friday from me! It’s a reading on your energy and where life may be for you right now.

All you need to do is –

  1. Take a breath, don’t think too hard and choose the butterfly that draws you



2. When you’ve chosen from A B C or D simply scroll down for The Reveal! 

This is quite a long post ( it took me ages to channel and write! ) but don’t worry- you only need to scroll down and read about your own colour butterfly- A B C or D

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In addition to my work as a clairvoyant, I’m also a Reiki Master Teacher/Healer. So I was really drawn as a healer and by Spirit to pass on these free messages about what your colour choice may reflect and mean about your energy

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If you chose


A The Violet Butterfly :

So, you were drawn to the violet butterfly! Most people who choose this colour are sensitive souls- you might already be on a wonderful path to develop and use your spiritual nature or your intuitive talents. Sometimes though- you may not! Conversely, you may be blocking what your own intuition is telling you or- for many reasons- not acknowledging or working with that part of yourself…

In Reiki, violet is the color of the crown chakra. This connects to our intuition, our inner wisdom and development of extrasensory or psychic perception. Violet connects to the element of Air and the planet Jupiter. Rather than a particular Tarot Suit, I tend to always link the crown chakra to the High Priestess Card of the Major Arcana

An out of balance crown chakra can cause you to feel a bit ‘spaced’ adrift or unsure of your direction in life. Alternatively, it can also cause you to ‘overthink’ and worry about small details – so much that you can’t see the overall big picture in some life situations.

Physically, an imbalanced crown chakra can manifest in things like very powerful reactions to sensory stimuli such as noise, light, heat and crowds, there can be headaches, muscular and skeletal issues, fatigue that doesn’t seem to have an explanation or physical cause, as well as feelings of depression

As well as Reiki healing, some of the therapies I find most useful for those with an attraction to violet or who have  a crown chakra imbalance are : Aromatherapy – great for sensitive people, especially with ‘gentle ‘oils like jasmine, rose. Yoga can help you to focus or to ‘switch off’ and you might also consider classes in psychic development- to direct your talents!

I feel that the most gorgeous and powerful crystals to help heal, clear and connect your crown chakra to a higher source are Amethyst, Sugilite and Selenite



B The Green Butterfly:  

Those of you who were attracted right away to the green butterfly may probably be all too well aware that you’re a ‘giver’. You genuinely can’t understand why people WOULDN’T want to help, counsel, teach or love others! Harmony and togetherness is your greatest aspiration, whether in society or in your own life. Hurtful actions or feeling uncared for can strongly affect your emotional well being …

No surprise then that in Reiki, green is the colour of the heart chakra. It’s about loving and being loved- whether this is one to one romantic love or our relationship with society. This also connects to the element of Earth, The Tarot Suit of Pentacles and the planet Venus.

If your heart chakra is in balance, then generally all is right with the world and you can flow nicely and enjoy feelings of generosity, love, kindness and compassion. Emotionally, If there’s a chakra imbalance you’re the most likely of all my ‘butterflies’ here to be knocked out of kilter and that’s when those darker emotions like anger, resentment, fear and envy can creep in too much…

Physically, problems with a blocked or imbalanced heart chakra can be as straightforward as aches and pains in the upper back, shoulders and ribs. Or can it manifest as bigger issues with our chests and lungs, heart, circulatory system or thymus

As well as Reiki healing, it’s often a combination of active and passive therapy that will help you. More nurturing therapies such as deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy and hydrotherapy allow you to feel cared for and literally touched. Other ways of getting things out of your system like physical exercise can get your heart pumping, release endorphins and will lift your emotional mood

Try working with or wearing green crystals like malachite, green fluorite or emerald. They can really help – especially if worn as a pendant, near the heart itself or lain on your chest when resting or meditating. Rose quartz- while it’s pink and not green – is also fabulous for you!



C  The Blue Butterfly:

For all you blue butterflies, it may be time to finally speak your truth to the world or tell someone just exactly how you feel! You may also be involved in- or planning to be- some great professional developments in which communication plays a huge part. You need to be heard and you will be….

In Reiki, blue is the color of the throat chakra and as mentioned, this chakra is connected to self and creative expression, truth and communication.Blue is linked to the element of Water, the planet Neptune, and the Tarot Suit Of Cups.

In my experience, those with a throat chakra imbalance or who are drawn to the colour blue may need help with things like feelings that they lack ‘authority’ when they express their opinions, untapped creativity, a fear of self-expression or being mocked for their talents or beliefs when they reveal them to others..

Physical conditions associated with the throat chakra are infections, mouth ulcers, glandular swelling, laryngitis or other voice problems There may also be pain in the mouth, teeth and neck- and you may be gritting/grinding your teeth when you sleep!

As well as Reiki healing, things you can do to help yourself would be through more ‘active’ therapies like voice and breath work, chanting or singing. Consider workshops on writing or creating something. Physically, things like yoga, pilates or neck rolling/massage can stimulate and relax this area.

Wearing blue crystals can empower the throat chakra and promote healing for you. There are a lot that you can choose from ! My particular favourites are Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine and Celestite



D  The Red Butterfly:

On a positive note, red is the colour of action and stimulation. So your choice of the red butterfly means that you may well be in the middle of -or heading for – a very active and energetic time. It can also indicate that you want or need MORE passion and action in your life…..!

In Reiki, red is the colour of the root chakra. I call it the ‘Fight Or Flight’ chakra. The element of Fire, the planet Mars and The Tarot Suit of Rods are all linked by the colour red.

This is where we hold our feelings of safety, survival, grounding, and nourishment (or lack of them!) I’ve found so often that my psychic or healing clients who have a lot of red around them or are drawn to the colour red will have a root chakra imbalance and can experience emotional difficulties with things like fears about the future, deep self image/confidence problems, family and relationship conflicts or are feeling scared or wary about life changes

Physically, if there’s an imbalance in the root chakra or the colour red draws you, this may reflect conditions like inflammation, immune system difficulties, kidney problems, pains in the lower back or spine, difficulties with legs or feet

As well as Reiki healing, things like guided meditation, visualization or even making your own vision board to help you focus your desires, intent and positivity could really help you at this time. Just taking back some control of your desires and wishes can be powerful….

My own recommendation of crystals that can help heal or boost your energy right now would be Carnelion, Red Jasper, Garnet and Ruby

I hope you enjoyed your free reading – I wish you joy and wellness !



Your Free Reading Revealed! May 17th


Wednesday May 17th

Your Free Interactive Reading Is Revealed!
Please enjoy these free messages. I do take a lot of time over them – just as a gift from me to you

Even if you didn’t see the original post you can still get your reading by looking at the picture, choosing A B or C and then scrolling down to read the rest of this post!
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TenPentsMartineAlexisIf you chose Card A- I drew the The Ten Of Pentacles Tarot card and got this message for you:

When this card appeared for you, I heard the message ‘Say a big hello to security and stability’ If either of these have felt lacking in your life lately then they’re about to make an appearance or a welcome return. The message I got for you is that those of you who chose Card A can expect to hear good news about the things that so often form the bedrock of our happiness for us- health and wealth.

Really great progress is coming for you soon with anything you might have been actively doing to improve your money situation- things like getting a better job, applying for a promotion or building up a business. There’s also a very strong feeling that something you may already have will show that it can generate more abundance for you – look again at things like property, savings, possessions. Think about getting valuations or appraisals for them- you might be very happily surprised.
The same applies to your health, I’m being told – if you’re having treatment for something, you can expect to get good news, better care and a big breakthrough. If you want to get some extra help or take more direct control of your well being there’s no better time for you than NOW- so get to it!

This happy state of being safe and secure will be ruling your relationships too. For the single and coupled up alike, a gorgeous feeling of being loved and cherished is about to arrive and really boost your romantic life- big time! Even if you’re not searching for any romance events are about to happen for you that will make your family and friendship zone a much, much lovelier place to be too..



TenWandsMartineAlexis2If you chose Card B – I drew the The Ten Of Wands Tarot card and got this message for you

As I drew the Ten Of Wands for those of you who connected to card B, I got the message that we ALL need a break sometimes! Is there a bit of a need to admit to yourself that you’re probably a little worn out and you’ve been pushing yourself too hard? It could be that you’re so good at something you’ve created too much demand for your talents! Or maybe everyone’s been coming to your door and giving you all their troubles.
Spirit and The Tarot want you to know that you won’t lose out or not be loved if you say the word ‘no’ to some people. It’s better right now for you to offer help by way of strong, silent support rather than intervention, action and advice….

Now, the good news for you is that the break for you -that one I wrote about at the start of this message- is about to happen! It should arrive as the chance for a real, actual and lovely holiday or vacation very soon. For others, it manifests as the chance to put down a heavy burden in your work or job responsibilities – the rest of May has some much better career options on offer to you. With yet more of you, it’s about other people in your life finding their own solutions to their problems- so you don’t have to…..

I can also pass on that love and romance is about to get lighter too! You’ll be able to shake off whatever may have been tough or had got you feeling down about things in your love life. Those of you who are single- and looking- will meet someone who comes with no ‘baggage’, the coupled up among you will see your love life- and beloved- as a joy and not a burden. Even if it’s not all about love for you – any emotional heaviness is lifting from you now.



ThreePentsMartineAlexisIf you chose Card C – I drew the Three Of Pentacles Tarot card and got this message for you:

‘It’s nice to feel included! were the words that came when I turned this over for all of you who chose card C. It’s such a brilliant feeling when you connect with people of like mind and shared attitudes, isn’t it? So know that collective efforts and all kinds of fruitful collaborations are going to be a great feature for you soon. Some actual, tangible success will then arrive in your professional AND emotional life .

Even if you’re an independent soul who hesitates- or just plain dislikes – to ask for help. there are such sweet, positive approaches from others that it means you won’t WANT to work or be in isolation. Some of you may have really had your patience tested to the limit recently and felt like you were toiling away in some kind of vacuum or your efforts just weren’t being seen. Don’t worry! Lots of folks around you are just about to realise- and tell you- your value and how they love your contributions.

I’m also told the message about being included is especially powerful in your emotional and relationship zone. Late May is likely to be full of wonderful opportunities for making things happen by getting together with your close ones. It could just be fun things like travel – especially the planning aspect – that draws you together with partners, family and friends. It might be due to organising joint celebrations for things like birthdays, anniversaries etc. There’s also a message that any joint ventures you have with your nearest and dearest about money property or business are going to go very well for all of you!

(Your cards for this free reading were drawn from my own edition of ‘The Steampunk Tarot’ by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell)


A Free Interactive Reading For You!


Tuesday May 16th
One of my free interactive readings for you

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May 2017 Tarotscopes by Martine Alexis

Here are my brand new Monthly Tarotscopes  It’s May 1st and I wish you all Happy Beltane !  To celebrate the coming of Beltane and of this brand new month I’m giving the gift of my May Special Offer.

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This month, I was drawn to work with my own edition of the stunningly beautiful ‘Triple Goddess Tarot’ to channel your May 2017 Tarotscopes.  This lovely deck is by Jaymi Elford and Franco Rivoli. For more information I’ve added these purchase links to Llewellyn and to Amazon UK  



A Capricorn The ChariotCapricorn
The Chariot

For you, May is all about deciding on a destination – and then forging ahead to reach it! Whether this is literal – like a move of home- or more abstract- like an ambition- you’ve got the chance to steer life in a direction you choose. Be bold Capricorn. Not only can you get great things done, but you’ll actually enjoy showing off your determination and drive to any ‘doubters’ out there too. Indeed, there may be some people around who may deliberately try to distract you or divert you. Be polite and smile nicely- as you swerve past them and head off to turn your plans into reality! In your professional zone, expect a change of direction. The energy of mid May brings you clear choices but you’ll know exactly what you want – and who to talk to- to take the path you desire. With money, keeping a tighter grip on the reins of  your spending will put you firmly on top of your finances as May ends.


You may have had to get through some tough times but now you’re back in control. You might have also discovered that moving on and not becoming involved with difficult people is far more powerful than stopping to confront or engage with them! With relationships, make your focus about what or who you DO want, rather than getting preoccupied by what you don’t. By mid month, new emotional connections should arrive swiftly. Single Capricorns may encounter new love in your professional or outward life. A potential suitor will see you at your businesslike best. For those of you in committed relationships, happier times come your way. Making exciting joint plans about travel or even relocation brings you closer together this month.
Most Compatible Sign For May: Cancer
Keyword For May: Boldness



Aquarius B Aquarius The Knight Of Pentacles
The Knight Of Pentacles

Money- and your attitude towards it- is a big feature of May for you, Aquarius. This month will give you the opportunity to really grow your finances or make professional progress but it’s very much the case that you should use common sense rather than relying on a roll of the dice to do so! Careful planning and wise behaviour will do you far more good than taking random risks. In mid month, it’ll be made clear to you that getting your head down and putting in the hours hasn’t been a waste of your time after all! Professionally, you may have felt frustrated about a lack of balance between efforts expended and appreciation given. Don’t worry, Aquarius – your work hasn’t really been overlooked. Indeed, something that you thought was over and done with with is actually going to make a come back and offer you belated praise and financial rewards before this month ends.


Contrary to what society and the media often insist- love doesn’t have to be about constant excitement or crazy passion! It’s often those quiet moments of tenderness and smaller acts of kindness that let us know we’re truly special to someone. This month, your relationships with your close ones should be more about dependability than drama – be grateful! Coupled up Aquarians should have no need of novelty or constant variety in May. You’ll find your true bliss with familiar faces and places. Single Aquarius should find your emotional nourishment in later month. Know that it’s far better for you to take romance slowly and build up strong trust rather than be distracted by some instant adventure!
Most Compatible Sign For May: Gemini
Keyword For May: Progress



C Pisces JusticePisces

It’s time to take stock and weigh up your options Pisces. You may have become so preoccupied with judging your past actions or those of others that it’s been impacting on your happiness in the present. Too much focus on ‘mistakes’ or regrets may be unbalancing your ability to plan for the future. For you, May is really more about what you do now- not what you did or didn’t do back then. In early month, a period of action and change will feature in your professional and emotional life. Be confident in your renowned Piscean ability to adapt to it! Finances may have been a worrying or stressful issue to you recently and some situations in your life may have caused you nail biting  anxiety about lack of funds. Happily, some financial news in May will take a great deal of this weight from your shoulders. More profoundly, think about what this time may have taught you or how it may have permanently altered your views about money.


In your emotional life, there’s also a message about learning from the past. In relationships, recent emotional challenges may have left you feeling determined not to repeat certain patterns. If situations with close ones are currently difficult though, do try to consider what might actually be behind this.  They may be acting out for a very different reason than you’d thought. There is good news though! Partners are ready to show you just how much they need you -which is extra comforting if there’s been a distance between you. If you’re single and looking, a tempting new romance will be on offer in early May. Be 100% clear about what you desire from someone or can offer them, though. That way there should be no unfairness or confusion to spoil a potentially perfect balance!
Most Compatible Sign For May: Virgo
Keyword For May: Fairness

Aries D Aries The Moon
The Moon

Life in May could involve speculation about ‘unknowns’ more than planning around the ‘knowns’, Aries! You might have to negotiate with individuals or organisations this month while waiting longer than you’d like to get certainty or clear answers. Even if some matters are confusing or take more time to progress than you’d prefer, consider that things may be unclear for a very good Karmic reason. Delays may buy you some much needed time to develop a deeper understanding of certain situations or people around you. Indeed, you may get a sense of someone or something not being not quite as they seem – and that feeling is probably correct! There could be hidden agendas swirling around you, especially in your professional zone. Don’t be afraid or mistrust everyone, but do consider how best to preserve your own secrets and keep your plans to yourself. Even the most extrovert and ‘out there’ Aries can be deeply enigmatic and very mysterious if it suits your purposes….!


Caution will also serve you much better than boldness in this zone of your life, too. So does sensitivity – you may need to be extra tactful with loved ones, family and friends this month. It’s probably wise to keep any edgy opinions to yourself and think twice before you speak. Those of you in relationships may feel the need to find a little more physical and mental space from partners this month. However, a little bit of strategic absence can actually stimulate love and romance! For single Aries, avoid making any firm emotional commitments or promises to anyone, even though mid May will bring you new romantic offers. If you want something deep and lasting it’ll manifest more easily if you can maintain a cool approach and take things slow. An air of mystery can be far more powerful than a show of raging passion…
Most Compatible Sign For May: Scorpio
Keyword For May: Mystery



E Taurus The Wheel Of FortuneTaurus
The Wheel Of Fortune

Get ready, Taurus- things are in motion for you this month! If recent events have left you feeling disillusioned or even trapped then the energy of May brings you help in pursuing even your biggest dreams. Domestically, there could be literal moves of home or relocation- maybe more rapidly than expected. Professional developments may arrive by late month that excite you and your career path should take you onward and upwards. Even outside of work, you’re likely to expand your horizons- either through travel or through gaining extra skills. If there’s something you’ve been eager to do or try, then this month gives you that rare chance to engage with all and any possibilities! May will make Taureans aware that you can be way more in charge of your life direction – if you choose to surf the changes and grasp the new chances that it brings you. Go with that flow…..!


May brings change in your relationships too. Some of you might hear unexpected expressions of affection – even surprise proposals! Taureans in relationships might have felt a bit flat or burnt out by recent events but you’ll have a happy turn around this month. You may find yourself making plans for a romantic trip or vacation together. Some of you may even consider a complete relocation. For the single, late May brings new romance rushing into your life. Someone arrives who might seem very different from your usual ‘type’ but could totally rock your world. Embrace the opportunity of a partnership that could deeply redefine the way you see yourself and your beliefs. The Wheel of Fortune turns your way Taurus…
Most Compatible Sign For May: Leo
Keyword For May: Movement


GeminiF Gemini Three Of Wands
The Three Of Wands

You should be feeling more adventurous this May, Gemini. It’s a month to explore new avenues. Last month – represented by your ‘Magician’ card – was about seeing your life through a bigger and more magical lens. Now this month is about making that magic happen! In the early part of the month you can expect positive developments related to your career or outward life. Some of these opportunities that come your way may require you to be bold and walk right out out of your comfort zone – literally in some cases as physical moves are indicated. Places or situations you might have considered out of your reach or unattainable in your professional life are now within your sights. Something you do or say is likely to make you stand out from the crowd. If you work within an organisation, you should receive offers to transfer to a more visible and exciting role. If you do something for yourself then more interest in your professional profile will be bringing people and offers your way from far and wide!


The arrival of fresh new faces brightens up your emotional life in May – you may be drawn to the energy of more lively people. Single Gemini should enjoy the arrival of someone daring and dazzling who adds more fuel to your new ideas and boosts the energy running through both you and your month. If you want to meet someone who takes you right out of your comfort zone- then this will be ideal for you. Good balance is always essential, though so don’t discard old faces completely -you have to stay a little grounded! Geminis in established relationships need to make sure to give enough time to partners- as it may become too easy to become distracted by so many busy external demands.
Most Compatible Sign For May: Aquarius
Keyword For May: Exploration



G Cancer The MagicianCancer
The Magician

You’re brimming with personal charisma this month Cancer-so make sure you deploy it. In your professional life you’ve got the opportunity to make some truly dynamic things happen. Don’t be reluctant to express any radical or more unusual ideas you have, you’ll be surprised by how readily they get taken up by others. Professionally, there’s actually a strong sense of destiny about this month and in mid May you should find yourself in the perfect place at the perfect moment. In your career or outside interests your skills and talents will be noticed by some movers and shakers. This is not just within organisations or hierarchies but also for those of you who work alone. If you feel the hand of fate reaching out to help you this month- it is! Financially, matters improve for you as the month progresses- mostly due to attention to detail and your own dexterity and ability to juggle. However, a stroke of good luck that arrives in late month should really boost cash flow. Have faith that your career and finances can be transformed this May !


Be ready and available for more exciting romantic times this month – and revise any emotional wish list you may have written! For the single, romance manifests in your world by mid month. An encounter with someone new may be connected to your professional work or take place in a situation where you have the chance to show off your skills. In existing relationships, there are also greater manifestations of love. Have you felt unsure about the feelings of a lover or had doubts about your relationship? This month you have the powers to transform matters and make things right once more. By mid May you can expect some magical revivals!
Most Compatible Sign For May: Capricorn
Keyword For May: Skillfulness



LeoH Leo The Fool
The Fool

May should be an action packed month – one that gives you a renewed enthusiasm for life. You might need to take a breath and pluck up your courage first but then you can take the plunge and go after what you desire. There may be those around you who won’t understand your enthusiasm and who may be openly critical of your plans. It’s sensible to listen to advice- especially from those whose opinions you normally respect- but don’t be told what to do by everyone! If you show that you truly want to do something and have confidence in yourself, then others should be persuaded by your passion. Mid May is your best time to make bold career moves. Some of you may go after much bigger roles or even embark on the adventure of starting your own business! In all aspects of professional life, this month is the time to get yourself out there and expand. You may find yourself embracing new ways of interacting with the world that you’ve previously been too feeling too timid to even think about…..


This atmosphere of daring extends to your emotional life, too. For those Leos in relationships, spontaneity and a taste for variety peps up partnerships! You may surprise – and delight- your loved one with this renewed taste for fun. Single Leos may not feel in the mood for making any lasting relationship commitments and you may be far happier to flirt with a few different potential lovers this month. In any case, you won’t lack for companions with whom you can experience new things, Leo. Enjoy the lighter and more carefree energy of May. ‘Variety is the spice of life’ should be the mantra of your month…..
Most Compatible Sign For May: Taurus
Keyword For May: Adventure



I Virgo The SunVirgo
The Sun

You may begin the month by feeling overworked, Virgo- but you’ll end it with a smile of satisfaction. In the early days of May you might still think you can’t quite see the end of something you’ve been trying to achieve and you may still feel a little exhausted. Know, that by month’s end, though, you’ll have crossed the finish line with a flourish! One of the major factors that helps this to happen for you is a much greater recognition of what you do -and how brilliantly you can do it. Mid month brings you a chance to show off your talents in a higher profile way – to a far more appreciative audience than you’ve previously had. Money may have been tight, but May loosens the flow of abundance. Whilst you’re likely to have longer term plans that need you to have some financial reserves, you can still enjoy the feel good factor. You may put any extra money gained from professional successes to a more fun use! Indulging in enjoyable pursuits and having beautiful things around you will add to the celebratory atmosphere that’s coming to you this May


Single Virgos will enjoy some rather hot romantic possibilities this month! Throughout May, news about moves or travel will show up in some very interesting ways for you – as links and connections to other places should bring you up close and personal with more than one person who can warm your heart. If you’re in a relationship, say goodbye to any dull or dreary energy. May will lift any clouds and let in the light of a much more joyful atmosphere around you and your beloved.
Most Compatible Sign For May: Pisces
Keyword For May: Jubilation



LibraJ Libra The Nine Of Pentacles
The Nine Of Pentacles

In May you should enjoy much greater success, Libra. This is not just due to good luck, though. Just like the saying: ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get’ more abundance will appear in your life -and your bank account- due to big efforts you’ve made in recent times. It may have felt like pulling teeth to get there sometimes, but by the end of May you can look back and see how well you’ve made things happen. There’s a cliche that Librans can be a little self indulgent, but actually most Libras have a truly admirable work ethic. So much so that sometimes you can forget to allow yourself to pause for breath before worrying that you need to be doing more! Let go a little Libra. The energy of May won’t need you to go at a flat out pace. In your professional life, your rewards should be more than financial. They also take the form of praise and acknowledgement- which is something just as important to your sign. You really need to feel appreciated! Happily, you’re very likely to enjoy some public recognition of your abilities and be seen by others as someone to aspire to.


It’s a great time for all your emotional relationships. It’s a very rich and romantic month for you, actually. This May you’ll have the chance to put aside the more practical and everyday aspects of life and a enjoy a touch of the more luxurious! Existing relationships are about to become warmer and closer and conversations you have with partners, friends and family leave you in no doubt that they truly treasure you. Single Librans can be more like social butterflies, who have the chance to indulge in plenty of fun and flirtation. There’s likely to be less drive to find the ‘perfect’ partner – possibly because you won’t feel like restricting yourself to just one person…..
Most Compatible Sign For May: Sagittarius
Keyword For May: Affluence



K Scorpio The LoversScorpio
The Lovers

Contentedness comes your way in May. Connections with family, friends and lovers are the barometer of your happiness this month. Even your interactions with professional colleagues bring a taste of sweetness with them! The latter aside, you may decide there’s still a great need to make a better balance between your professional life and your personal life. For some Scorpios it may be that career demands are actually proving an obstacle to making more meaningful emotional connections outside of them. Never fear, Scorpio- this month you’re getting control and staking a claim over how and where you spend your time and energy! One of your priorities may be to simply take back more private time and space. You may find yourself going on a ‘getaway’ where you can just be with your beloved or your favourite people. If you do then it’ll set you up and refresh you for busier career times ahead. By late month though, you should find yourself at a point where you’ve found your ‘happy place ‘- feeling secure in your professional life whilst still having time with those closest to your heart.


Harmony happens! Any disagreements that may have dragged your emotions down will end in happy conclusions by late May. Others around you are – at last – ready to acknowledge and agree with your point of view. For the coupled up, your romantic relationship may actually take centre stage in your life this month- more so than that with family or friends. Mid month may also feature deep conversations about engagements or marriages. For the single, a new relationship is imminent but may be something that comes to you from an already existing friendship or connection. True love may have already been right in front of you for some time, Scorpio!
Most Compatible Sign For May: Aries
Keyword For May: Unity



SagittariusL Sagittarius The Star
The Star

Look up now from any challenging situations around you- and take that big breath of relief! For you, the energy of May is lighter and brighter. Recently, you may have experienced anger or sadness at the actions of others in your personal life. You might have become cross or resentful about being overlooked professionally. Happily, this month shines a light on you and lifts these feelings away. In fact, it may be that all your previous thought patterns make a dramatic shift away from old feelings of helplessness and move to those of hopefulness and optimism. Use this powerful time to dream big and really focus on what you want to make happen! In your professional life, early month brings you change and the chance to negotiate for better rewards. If your current situation isn’t ideal for you, May’s energy wakes you up to the fact that you actually have the power to overcome this. Yes – YOU do! New opportunities are about to appear on your path.Make sure you’re open and ready to cast your eyes up and see them.


A touch of starlight beams down onto your relationships too. If you’ve been hurt, you can now really let go of any old pain or fear that may have been holding back your chances of present happiness. For the single Sagittarius it’s likely that you’re ready to love again and if you’re looking to meet a special person, you should expand your horizons. Travel and new locations could lead your way to finding someone special – one who thinks you’re also pretty special ! Coupled up Sagittarians will relish the change that comes with being able to share optimism and expectation with your loved ones -instead of having to go to them for consolation and comfort. There’s a light, bright energy in your social life too and you’ll find great pleasure in the company of many people who want to share some light -hearted and fun activities with you.
Most Compatible Sign For May: Libra
Keyword For May: Expectations


Thanks for reading. Wishing you love and joy in your month ahead! Martine Alexis

The Winter Solstice- December 21st


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Winter Solstice

The Sun Reborn




The Winter Solstice- on the 21st December in the Northern Hemisphere -is that wonderful time on the Wheel of the Year when The Sun returns to the world. From out of the darkest day of Winter comes the rebirth of the light.

Ancient cultures have always marked the Winter Solstice with rituals and celebrations. On this shortest day of the year our ancestors would gather to light fires and perform rituals to honour The Sun and welcome it’s return to us.
Many of us continue to do so, and at the most famous spiritual sites here on Earth, gatherings will still be held to mark the Winter Solstice.


The 5000 year old Burial Chamber at Newgrange, County Meath, Ireland. The chamber was built so that on the Winter Solstice a beam of light penetrates the roof-box and travels up the 19 metre passage and into the chamber. As the sun rises higher, the beam widens so that the whole chamber is dramatically illuminated.



stonehenge-collage  Greeting the Winter Solstice Sun at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England.


This time of year has always been celebrated



The Romans held the week long festival of Saturnalia around the time of the Winter Solstice. This was held to honour the god Saturn and involved extensive, lavish feasts and gift-giving. Ancient Egyptians honoured the rebirth of Ra, the god of the sun.

The Yule celebrations of Northern Europe also arose from the ancient tale of the eternal battle between the Oak King, who symbolises the warmth and light of the Summer months and the Holly King, who represents the cold darkness of Winter.

Here in The British Isles, celebration of the solstice included Druidic traditions, like the gathering of mistletoe- the symbol of fertility and the seed of life. The ancient Druids believed mistletoe to be an indicator of great sacredness. On The Winter Solstice, the Chief Druid would cut the mistletoe from the sacred oak, using a golden sickle. A cloth would be held below the tree to catch the sprigs of mistletoe as they fell- as it was believed that it would have profaned the mistletoe to fall upon the ground.

Having no roots, and no connection to the earth, it was considered the sacred plant of the sun. A tree that hosted a mistletoe plant was a tree marked as particularly sacred

The mistletoe was divided and distributed to the people, who then hung them over doorways as protection. With its golden colour, and growing high off the ground without roots, it was naturally associated with the sun.

It was considered to be the semen of the solar deity and carried with it the promise of the rebirth of the Sun God
So mistletoe was considered a fertility symbol – hence the ‘kissing under the mistletoe’ tradition that is carried on right into the present and no doubt will continue far beyond….


Christmas And The Winter Solstice

The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated on Dec. 25 or Christmas Day all around the world. One theory is that this date was chosen after early Christian scholars debated when it should best be marked to gain widespread attention

Some theories suggest that Christians co opted existing and already powerful times of the year to mark it for their own religious needs.  The Romans were already celebrating the festival of Saturnalia on The Solstice and in Northern Europe, Pagans marked the Winter Solstice itself.  Yule the ancient name for Christmas, comes from the Scandinavian word Jol


Today’s ‘Santa Claus’ is a folk figure with multicultural roots.

He embodies characteristics of Saturn- as I mentioned earlier in connection with the Roman celebration of Saturnalia. He has elements of Cronos – the Greek god, also known as Father Time.


We also see echoes of

  • The Holly King ( the Celtic god of the dying year),
  • Grandfather Frost ( a Russian winter god),
  • Thor (The Norse sky god who rides the sky in a chariot drawn by goats)
  • Odin/Wotan (The Scandinavian ‘All-Father’ who rides the sky on Sleipnir , his eight-legged horse)
  • The Tomte (a Norse Land Spirit known for giving gifts to children at this time of year)  
  • ‘Santa’s reindeer’ can also be viewed as forms of Herne or Cernnunos, The Celtic Horned God



So for us in the 21st century, many of these ancient traditions appear and persist- whether we are aware of this or not:


Evergreen plants are brought into the home in the form of trees, holly and mistletoe, to remind us that life grows and continues.

Even a store bought yule-log-collagechocolate Yule Log is the modern- and edible- version of the dressed Oak or Birch log. These logs would carried or dragged into the home, with much celebration and then placed on the great fires of our forebears. As the old year burned away -symbolised by the Yule Log- a piece of it was kept to place on the fire of the following year.

The  Celtic Horned God Cernunnos manifests in images of reindeer. In the festive colours of red, green and gold that are all around us, we can see the elements of earth and fire- and of course – The Sun itself.  We give gifts to one another and hold great feasts while a Father Figure continues to bestow bounty on us from above as he rides high up in the sky…….



Marking The Winter Solstice


candlesWe can all physically mark the Winter Solstice, in our own way- even if we aren’t able to visit sacred sites or follow all the traditions of our ancestors.
Watch the sun rise and light beautiful yellow or white candles in your home to mark it’s the return. Bake your own specially decorated Yule Log and share it with loved ones, along with cinnamon spiced wine or cider.
Winter Solstice celebrations don’t need to be complex. It’s truly a time to celebrate and enjoy the awakening of the world again… remembering that all is birthed anew. Light comes back in the midst of darkness and as we celebrate life we also set our intentions and wishes for the coming year. It’s the perfect time to write out a list of all the things you would most like to manifest in your life.


A Winter Solstice Ritual

This involves your wishes, your desires or your goals for the year ahead. Take some time over this and carefully consider all your reasons for them
Once you’ve finally decided, then write them one by one on very small pieces of paper ( any colour will be fine, but yellow or white is good)
The next part of the ritual will require:
Spring bulbs- preferably snowdrop or crocus bulb
Earth to plant them in – a garden or even just a pot.As you plant your bulbs in the earth, add the very small pieces of paper into the soil, one piece at a time.


snowdropsVisualise your desires as you do so and imagine the warmth of the sun on the flowers as they emerge through the earth and into the light- along with the joy that you feel as your wishes manifest with them!
Wishing you love, as we all celebrate the return of the light.

Happy Winter Solstice from Martine Alexis Clairvoyance!