A Friday Freebie For You!



Here’s a little freebie for Friday from me! It’s a reading on your energy and where life may be for you right now.

All you need to do is –

  1. Take a breath, don’t think too hard and choose the butterfly that draws you



2. When you’ve chosen from A B C or D simply scroll down for The Reveal! 

This is quite a long post ( it took me ages to channel and write! ) but don’t worry- you only need to scroll down and read about your own colour butterfly- A B C or D

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In addition to my work as a clairvoyant, I’m also a Reiki Master Teacher/Healer. So I was really drawn as a healer and by Spirit to pass on these free messages about what your colour choice may reflect and mean about your energy

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If you chose


A The Violet Butterfly :

So, you were drawn to the violet butterfly! Most people who choose this colour are sensitive souls- you might already be on a wonderful path to develop and use your spiritual nature or your intuitive talents. Sometimes though- you may not! Conversely, you may be blocking what your own intuition is telling you or- for many reasons- not acknowledging or working with that part of yourself…

In Reiki, violet is the color of the crown chakra. This connects to our intuition, our inner wisdom and development of extrasensory or psychic perception. Violet connects to the element of Air and the planet Jupiter. Rather than a particular Tarot Suit, I tend to always link the crown chakra to the High Priestess Card of the Major Arcana

An out of balance crown chakra can cause you to feel a bit ‘spaced’ adrift or unsure of your direction in life. Alternatively, it can also cause you to ‘overthink’ and worry about small details – so much that you can’t see the overall big picture in some life situations.

Physically, an imbalanced crown chakra can manifest in things like very powerful reactions to sensory stimuli such as noise, light, heat and crowds, there can be headaches, muscular and skeletal issues, fatigue that doesn’t seem to have an explanation or physical cause, as well as feelings of depression

As well as Reiki healing, some of the therapies I find most useful for those with an attraction to violet or who have  a crown chakra imbalance are : Aromatherapy – great for sensitive people, especially with ‘gentle ‘oils like jasmine, rose. Yoga can help you to focus or to ‘switch off’ and you might also consider classes in psychic development- to direct your talents!

I feel that the most gorgeous and powerful crystals to help heal, clear and connect your crown chakra to a higher source are Amethyst, Sugilite and Selenite



B The Green Butterfly:  

Those of you who were attracted right away to the green butterfly may probably be all too well aware that you’re a ‘giver’. You genuinely can’t understand why people WOULDN’T want to help, counsel, teach or love others! Harmony and togetherness is your greatest aspiration, whether in society or in your own life. Hurtful actions or feeling uncared for can strongly affect your emotional well being …

No surprise then that in Reiki, green is the colour of the heart chakra. It’s about loving and being loved- whether this is one to one romantic love or our relationship with society. This also connects to the element of Earth, The Tarot Suit of Pentacles and the planet Venus.

If your heart chakra is in balance, then generally all is right with the world and you can flow nicely and enjoy feelings of generosity, love, kindness and compassion. Emotionally, If there’s a chakra imbalance you’re the most likely of all my ‘butterflies’ here to be knocked out of kilter and that’s when those darker emotions like anger, resentment, fear and envy can creep in too much…

Physically, problems with a blocked or imbalanced heart chakra can be as straightforward as aches and pains in the upper back, shoulders and ribs. Or can it manifest as bigger issues with our chests and lungs, heart, circulatory system or thymus

As well as Reiki healing, it’s often a combination of active and passive therapy that will help you. More nurturing therapies such as deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy and hydrotherapy allow you to feel cared for and literally touched. Other ways of getting things out of your system like physical exercise can get your heart pumping, release endorphins and will lift your emotional mood

Try working with or wearing green crystals like malachite, green fluorite or emerald. They can really help – especially if worn as a pendant, near the heart itself or lain on your chest when resting or meditating. Rose quartz- while it’s pink and not green – is also fabulous for you!



C  The Blue Butterfly:

For all you blue butterflies, it may be time to finally speak your truth to the world or tell someone just exactly how you feel! You may also be involved in- or planning to be- some great professional developments in which communication plays a huge part. You need to be heard and you will be….

In Reiki, blue is the color of the throat chakra and as mentioned, this chakra is connected to self and creative expression, truth and communication.Blue is linked to the element of Water, the planet Neptune, and the Tarot Suit Of Cups.

In my experience, those with a throat chakra imbalance or who are drawn to the colour blue may need help with things like feelings that they lack ‘authority’ when they express their opinions, untapped creativity, a fear of self-expression or being mocked for their talents or beliefs when they reveal them to others..

Physical conditions associated with the throat chakra are infections, mouth ulcers, glandular swelling, laryngitis or other voice problems There may also be pain in the mouth, teeth and neck- and you may be gritting/grinding your teeth when you sleep!

As well as Reiki healing, things you can do to help yourself would be through more ‘active’ therapies like voice and breath work, chanting or singing. Consider workshops on writing or creating something. Physically, things like yoga, pilates or neck rolling/massage can stimulate and relax this area.

Wearing blue crystals can empower the throat chakra and promote healing for you. There are a lot that you can choose from ! My particular favourites are Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine and Celestite



D  The Red Butterfly:

On a positive note, red is the colour of action and stimulation. So your choice of the red butterfly means that you may well be in the middle of -or heading for – a very active and energetic time. It can also indicate that you want or need MORE passion and action in your life…..!

In Reiki, red is the colour of the root chakra. I call it the ‘Fight Or Flight’ chakra. The element of Fire, the planet Mars and The Tarot Suit of Rods are all linked by the colour red.

This is where we hold our feelings of safety, survival, grounding, and nourishment (or lack of them!) I’ve found so often that my psychic or healing clients who have a lot of red around them or are drawn to the colour red will have a root chakra imbalance and can experience emotional difficulties with things like fears about the future, deep self image/confidence problems, family and relationship conflicts or are feeling scared or wary about life changes

Physically, if there’s an imbalance in the root chakra or the colour red draws you, this may reflect conditions like inflammation, immune system difficulties, kidney problems, pains in the lower back or spine, difficulties with legs or feet

As well as Reiki healing, things like guided meditation, visualization or even making your own vision board to help you focus your desires, intent and positivity could really help you at this time. Just taking back some control of your desires and wishes can be powerful….

My own recommendation of crystals that can help heal or boost your energy right now would be Carnelion, Red Jasper, Garnet and Ruby

I hope you enjoyed your free reading – I wish you joy and wellness !




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