Your Free Reading Revealed! May 17th


Wednesday May 17th

Your Free Interactive Reading Is Revealed!
Please enjoy these free messages. I do take a lot of time over them – just as a gift from me to you

Even if you didn’t see the original post you can still get your reading by looking at the picture, choosing A B or C and then scrolling down to read the rest of this post!
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TenPentsMartineAlexisIf you chose Card A- I drew the The Ten Of Pentacles Tarot card and got this message for you:

When this card appeared for you, I heard the message ‘Say a big hello to security and stability’ If either of these have felt lacking in your life lately then they’re about to make an appearance or a welcome return. The message I got for you is that those of you who chose Card A can expect to hear good news about the things that so often form the bedrock of our happiness for us- health and wealth.

Really great progress is coming for you soon with anything you might have been actively doing to improve your money situation- things like getting a better job, applying for a promotion or building up a business. There’s also a very strong feeling that something you may already have will show that it can generate more abundance for you – look again at things like property, savings, possessions. Think about getting valuations or appraisals for them- you might be very happily surprised.
The same applies to your health, I’m being told – if you’re having treatment for something, you can expect to get good news, better care and a big breakthrough. If you want to get some extra help or take more direct control of your well being there’s no better time for you than NOW- so get to it!

This happy state of being safe and secure will be ruling your relationships too. For the single and coupled up alike, a gorgeous feeling of being loved and cherished is about to arrive and really boost your romantic life- big time! Even if you’re not searching for any romance events are about to happen for you that will make your family and friendship zone a much, much lovelier place to be too..



TenWandsMartineAlexis2If you chose Card B – I drew the The Ten Of Wands Tarot card and got this message for you

As I drew the Ten Of Wands for those of you who connected to card B, I got the message that we ALL need a break sometimes! Is there a bit of a need to admit to yourself that you’re probably a little worn out and you’ve been pushing yourself too hard? It could be that you’re so good at something you’ve created too much demand for your talents! Or maybe everyone’s been coming to your door and giving you all their troubles.
Spirit and The Tarot want you to know that you won’t lose out or not be loved if you say the word ‘no’ to some people. It’s better right now for you to offer help by way of strong, silent support rather than intervention, action and advice….

Now, the good news for you is that the break for you -that one I wrote about at the start of this message- is about to happen! It should arrive as the chance for a real, actual and lovely holiday or vacation very soon. For others, it manifests as the chance to put down a heavy burden in your work or job responsibilities – the rest of May has some much better career options on offer to you. With yet more of you, it’s about other people in your life finding their own solutions to their problems- so you don’t have to…..

I can also pass on that love and romance is about to get lighter too! You’ll be able to shake off whatever may have been tough or had got you feeling down about things in your love life. Those of you who are single- and looking- will meet someone who comes with no ‘baggage’, the coupled up among you will see your love life- and beloved- as a joy and not a burden. Even if it’s not all about love for you – any emotional heaviness is lifting from you now.



ThreePentsMartineAlexisIf you chose Card C – I drew the Three Of Pentacles Tarot card and got this message for you:

‘It’s nice to feel included! were the words that came when I turned this over for all of you who chose card C. It’s such a brilliant feeling when you connect with people of like mind and shared attitudes, isn’t it? So know that collective efforts and all kinds of fruitful collaborations are going to be a great feature for you soon. Some actual, tangible success will then arrive in your professional AND emotional life .

Even if you’re an independent soul who hesitates- or just plain dislikes – to ask for help. there are such sweet, positive approaches from others that it means you won’t WANT to work or be in isolation. Some of you may have really had your patience tested to the limit recently and felt like you were toiling away in some kind of vacuum or your efforts just weren’t being seen. Don’t worry! Lots of folks around you are just about to realise- and tell you- your value and how they love your contributions.

I’m also told the message about being included is especially powerful in your emotional and relationship zone. Late May is likely to be full of wonderful opportunities for making things happen by getting together with your close ones. It could just be fun things like travel – especially the planning aspect – that draws you together with partners, family and friends. It might be due to organising joint celebrations for things like birthdays, anniversaries etc. There’s also a message that any joint ventures you have with your nearest and dearest about money property or business are going to go very well for all of you!

(Your cards for this free reading were drawn from my own edition of ‘The Steampunk Tarot’ by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell)



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