Samhain Blessings and Happy Halloween



The Veil Between Worlds Is Lifted

by Martine Alexis


The Wheel of The Year now turns to it’s most spiritually charged time.

The air seems to crackle with energy and golden Autumn leaves blow across the sky.

As the nights draw in we can see the warm glow from lights in windows and start to enjoy snuggling up next to cosy firesides.
We’ve arrived at the time of Samhain ( pronounced: Sow – en) also known as Halloween or All Hallows Eve.
On this night we traditionally honour those who’ve passed into the realm of spirit.
This is the time of year when the veil which separates the realms of Earth and Spirit is at it’s thinnest.
All of our modern celebrations of this time are deeply rooted in ancient and primal ritual. Our ancestors would gather together to mark Samhain, despite the very real fears of cold and hunger that would inevitably arrive with the onset of Winter.
Fires would burn in hearths and on hillsides and feasts were held. Places would be set at table for the departed, who would cross the veil and walk the earth again.
This night symbolises a ‘time suspended’ between the living and the dead, which allows for an enhanced and charged communication and communion between the two worlds of those on earth and those who had departed into the afterlife.
The Old Year draws to its close but the New Year doesn’t begin again until the re birth of the Sun on the Winter Solstice/Yule.
So on Samhain  and the days that follow, we’re suspended in this ‘between time’……
Samhain is a night for reflection of all that’s passed and the incredibly powerful energies of this night are also the most perfect for all forms of divination about what’s to come
The collective delight and enthusiasm for this time seems to grow stronger with every year. Those who follow a Wiccan or Pagan path will hold ceremonies and rituals to honour Samhain.
Many others will have forgotten or be completely unaware of the real origins of the symbols we see at this time. 
However, with every pumpkin carved, every store and house decorated, every fancy dress or costume party outfit worn-  people are actually linking into a very deep and primal part of themselves and connecting to our shared ancestral and spiritual history.

The Visual Symbols: Ancient And Modern

The Halloween Pumpkin

The carved pumpkin lantern has come to be the standard mainstream media ‘visual shorthand’ for Halloween.
Shops and supermarkets are piled high with them, and they glow from practically every porch and window.
This practice is carried down from ancient times when the Samhain fires would burn .In later eras candles would be placed in windows and doorways to light a way back to the earth realm for our ancestral spirits and guide them home.
The lights would also deter any dark or unwanted spirits from our hearths and homes.

The ‘Witches Hat’

Streets and neighbourhoods will be filled with costumed children ‘trick or treating’ and every year it seems that ever more party going adults will be dressed in their most imaginative  and topical ‘Halloween Outfits’. Many will don a pointed ‘Witches Hat.’



The use of this other visual symbol of Halloween has always seemed a little skewed and culturally misappropriated to me. Outside of movies and TV, I’ve never met any witches who actually wear one – perhaps in the pub, after a ritual,  but that really is another topic…!

The symbolism of the Witches Hat is far more profound.  The point of the hat actually represents the ‘Cone of Power”. That is the energy that’s created or awoken by those who gather together to perform ritual in a magickal circle.

The circle itself is in turn represented by the circular brim of the hat.

The Broomstick

The broomstick – or besom as it is properly called- is also a mainstay of every shop window display at this time of year.

Real Besoms are used to prepare magickal working space for ritual and to sweep away old unwanted energies.



They can also be kept permanently above the front door as protective objects to keep dark energy  and people from crossing the threshold by ‘sweeping’ it away.

A besom is also used as part of fertility rituals and in Handfasting ceremonies, where the couple jump over it together, as part of the union of male and female energies in the ceremony.

Again though. I’ve yet to see any of my nearest and dearest actually riding a broomstick through the sky and I’d say that witches tend to prefer a nice comfortable seat on a plane for their flying preferences…..


Despite my the ironic tone here, I genuinely enjoy seeing Samhain/Halloween symbols and objects on the streets,  in stores and the mainstream media at this time.

It’s a wonderful reminder that – even inadvertently or unconsciously- people continue to be drawn by the strong primal and ancestral urges which lead them to mark and celebrate this intense and magical part of the Wheel of the Year. Exactly like our ancestors did…….

Reflect on the Old Year


In whichever way you choose to celebrate this night, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the last 12 months of your life.

I like to light a black candle to symbolise the old year. As I do this, I discard the old year’s energy. I give thanks for the good things that have come to me and think about what I’ve learned from any challenges.  I then light a white candle to represent the year ahead. I focus on what I want to manifest in the future



Making a list of your aspirations for the year ahead is a perfect thing to do at Samhain 

Once you’ve written them on your chosen piece of paper- preferably pristine white paper- roll this up into a scroll, tie with a black ribbon and put it aside until the next Samhain, when you can review your wishes.

I also like to place white candles in front of photographs or images of those in the Spirit Realm who I wish to love, remember and honour.


As I mentioned earlier in this post, Samhain is the most powerful point of the year for divination.  It’s particularly good to work with The Tarot, runes, a scrying mirror or whichever tools you prefer for gaining psychic focus and insight.  


Samhain is a fabulous and charged time to give or receive a reading about the coming year  Book Your Personal Reading With Martine Alexis

Whichever way you choose to mark this most deep and profound point on the Wheel of the Year- I send you Samhain Blessings and wish you a Happy Halloween!




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