What’s Your Number? Life Path Numbers and You

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  What your Life Path Number can reveal about you.

In numerology, numbers are given their own energetic vibration. Knowing this energetic vibration and what it means can help us grow as individuals, teach us important life lessons and enlighten us about our spiritual path through life. Our Life Path Number vibration is ours from the date we are born.

Your Number

The Life Path Number you are associated with can be calculated by using the formula of adding together the single digits of your birth date until they can be broken down to one number.
There are various ways of calculating, but I like this simple method best of all.
For example a person born on:
2 Oct 1869 /  2.10.1869 can be added as   2+1+0+1+8+6+9 = 27
The 27 can then be broken down to 2+7, which = 9
The person therefore has a Life Path Number of 9
Another example is a person born on
18 July 1918  / 18.7.1918 can be added as 1+8+7+1+9+1+8 = 35
The 35 can be broken down to 3+5, which = 8
The person therefore has a Life Path Number of 8
One last example:
17 August 1980 / 17.8.1980 can be added as 1+7+8+1+9+8+0= 34
3+4, which = 7
The person therefore has a Life Path Number of 7

Life Path Number Resonance

Below are my core definitions of how your Life Path number has resonance and meaning for you. Generally the odd numbers resonate at a more masculine energy (creation) and the even numbers at a more feminine (intuition).

As The Tarot is also one of my spiritual passions, I very much enjoy the extra layer of energy that’s added by incorporating the corresponding Major Arcana Tarot card to the Life Path Number.
Life Path Number 1
The Creator – Making things happen.


You are creative, courageous and will always try to see situations through to the end. You have strong survival skills and these can lead you to be adventurous and go where many fear to tread. You tend to be an iconoclastic figure, often asked to be the centre of your social, familial or professional groups, but you prefer being left alone if you need to formulate and make plans. This gives you the space that your highly creative and sometimes mercurial mind needs to come up with ingenious solutions and ideas. Life Path 1 people often excel at inventions and physically creative endeavours- especially in the visual sphere.

Your life path is one that puts you front and centre, as a leader and innovator. You can be consumed by a passion for what you do- sometimes to the exclusion of others. So, your life path is one of creation- but your lesson is that you must incorporate others and share this, rather than always try to go it alone.
Major Arcana Tarot Card – The Magician
2Life Path Number 2
The Communicator – Giving empathy and advice.
Relationships are of vital importance to you in the sense that you have great empathy with others and love to help those around you. You tend to have very strong intuitive skills and you provide great insight and advice to all. Your innate desire to communicate with and assist everyone can make it hard for you to set aside time for your own needs. You are often drawn to professions that provide direct help, advice and comfort to others but which can also be very demanding of your mental energy.
Those with a Life Path Number of 2 really do need to withdraw from others at times, allowing them to recoup their sensitive mental and spiritual energies. This paradox is what the life lesson is for you- to learn to temper your empathy and enormous compassion for others with some healthy detachment. Your highly intuitive mind works best when it takes regular rest from solving the difficulties of others.
Major Arcana Tarot Card – The High Priestess

3Life Path Number 3

The Nurturer- Abundance in all things
You have a strong need for harmony, beauty and even luxury in your life. Your real enjoyment of these aspects of the physical world makes you rather pragmatic with a strong work ethic. You are very aware that you need to put the effort in and be pro active in order to gain the abundance you so enjoy.
A generous soul, you are also one of life’s great sharers- your enjoyment of all the aforementioned things means much more for you if you can give them to others as well.
Your personality tends to be that of leader rather than follower, but your leadership style is warm and you tend to be nurturing or more ‘parental’ in the way you interact with others. This has a flip side for many Life Path 3 people, as you can sometimes veer into being a tad over protective and controlling with those close to you. You are very much one who stays firmly grounded in ‘reality’ and one of your lessons is to allow the more spiritual and mystical into your life.
Major Arcana Tarot Card – The Empress

4Life Path Number 4

The Structured One – Standing strong

You prefer to have stability and structure all around you. If you don’t have this, you tend to feel vulnerable and will expend enormous energy- and sometimes take a whole lifetime- until you do. You like tangibles and prefer the permanent- in your career and at home. The comfort of knowing there is always something set aside for tough times is also preferable for a Life Path 4 soul. This isn’t just in financial terms, even though you may tend to be a saver rather than a spender. This ‘rainy day’ security that you like to have also applies to people – your friendships are long term and loyal rather than many and fleeting.

To many who see you, you are the ultimate organiser. Strong reasoning skills and logic make you sought after as a friend and colleague. Your strength draws people to you. Your challenge in life is your reluctance to sometimes allow in more spontaneity and variety.
Major Arcana Tarot Card – The Emperor

5Life Path Number 5

The Centred One- Managing change
You like to see life from all angles before you make major decisions. You are open to receiving a wide spectrum of views and wisdom but will not bow down to the opinions of others. Conversely, many people seek you out for advice as you have an aura of authority and calm. One of the things that generates this energy around Life Path 5 people is their ability to remain calm and on an even keel, even in the midst of change and turmoil. This is because many Life Path 5 souls can actually thrive on the aforementioned change.
Confidence in your own decisions and ability to be flexible means that you are often sought out for or reach positions of authority. One of the main lessons that seem to present themselves to Life Path 5 souls is to be objective and understand that not everyone shares your views and opinions
Major Arcana Tarot Card – The High Priest

6Life Path Number 6

The Truthseeker – Looking for balance and meaning
You seek truth and deeper meaning in all aspects of your life. This may often result in you taking a more spiritual path. This can manifest itself in devotion to an established religion or more esoteric teachings and beliefs.You may also seek out professions which develop your innate need to impart meaning or reveal truth. You have the skills that can be used well in teaching, healing, law or in any profession which can lead people to understanding. You care for family and your fellow man and seek to improve life for people, especially if you reach a position of influence or authority.
You are diligent and your desire to strive for truth and ideals can leave you with a feeling of imbalance and frustration that not everyone shares your high ethical standards. You also have a gregarious side to your nature that leads you to befriend people and to shine socially. Your lesson is to find the balance between idealism and pragmatism in life.
Major Arcana Tarot Card – The Lovers

7Life Path Number 7

The Voyager- Seeking learning experiences
Your number is that of the seeker. When an interest captures your imagination it can be very difficult to keep you from becoming totally immersed in it. Your desire to seek knowledge and experiences can take you into fascinating situations and locations, both socially and geographically. You may take your searches for experiences and learning beyond that which many people would dare- but you do possess a fearlessness that accompanies your curiosity. This may also extend to your professional preferences, you may be drawn to the type of jobs or hobbies which keep you physically on the move or base you in varied places.
Your life preference will likely be one that is varied in terms of friends and living arrangements. Your challenge in life is that you should allow in some stability regarding people and places. This will ground you, otherwise you can find yourself a little ‘rootless’.
Major Arcana Tarot Card- The Chariot

8Life Path Number 8

The Leader- Knowledge is power
You can see how knowledge leads to power but your instinct will always be to firstly seek power over yourself. Your willpower is strong and there is something of the autodidact or self taught about you. You prefer to look within for answers or seek out older wisdom rather than the ‘popular’ opinions of the masses. You are drawn to the philosophical side of learning and research, that which may help you to understand deep and universal human truths. If this seems rather too idealistic or intense, then it is counterbalanced by your desire to put this ‘truth’ out into the real world.
Your stubborn and determined streak assists you in this. You are the kind of person who will stick to their hard won beliefs and strong principles and your ability to provide answers may lead to you being very sought out by others. One of your challenges may be to ‘ration’ your energy and focus on one thing at a time. Over involvement in too many causes or projects is often a trait of a Life Path 8 and they must learn to conserve their physical and mental energy.
Major Arcana Tarot Card – Strength

9Life Path Number 9

The Wise One- Showing the way
The Life Path of the 9 is that of the wise old soul. You have an inner knowledge that shines through and people turn to you for comfort and solace. However you have the gift of detachment and encourage people to find their own answers. You are a great teacher in that you do not teach by rote or by confrontation but by example and gentle guidance. Your calm nature can be mistaken for reserve and your lack of aggression as indecision.This is far from the reality of your nature- you keep things in check but you have great wisdom, advice and determination that will come out when needed.
You tend to conduct your life in a strongly ethical manner, being true to your beliefs but without the desire to tell others to do the same. Your main challenge in life can come at the times when you are asked to take a more public stance or be involved in activity which draws too much attention to you as an individual.
Major Arcana Tarot Card – The Hermit

10Life Path Number 10

The Individual- Moving forward
Life Path 10 individuals are energetic, optimistic souls who thrive best when they have a sense that their lives are a ‘work in progress’ rather than a finished product. You love to manifest projects and ideas into reality and your enthusiasm encourages others to believe in you and join you. You are actually something of a powerhouse who dislikes delay or negativity. You respond rapidly to change and are actually stimulated by it, rather than becoming overwhelmed. Success and recognition motivate you and you like to be rewarded for your efforts with either praise or more worldly offerings.
You may need to guard against a tendency to rush forward and jump into situations without sufficient planning or consideration . Whilst you are very able to enthuse others, you may sometimes forget to explain your plans or motivations enough to others. However, you bring change and energy into a world that is sometimes in great need of it.
Major Arcana Tarot Card- The Wheel of Fortune.

11Life Path Number 11

The Illuminator- Enlightening others
The highly evolved energy of a soul with the Life Path Number of 11 is that which seeks to bring light and justice into the world. You not only abhor injustice but will often take direct action against it. You love to inspire others to take action and have great skills as an orator or speaker to persuade people and to appeal to their higher natures. You may find that you use this great skill in the public arena such as in politics, law, or the media. You love learning and are keen to pass on any new knowledge to others immediately.
The main challenge that you may meet on your path is that you set incredibly high standards for yourself and striving very hard to meet them can exhaust or deplete you. When you are fully charged and meeting your aspirations you are on top of the world, but can become very depressed or discouraged if you feel you are ‘failing’. Your lesson is to be a little gentler with yourself and give as much time to you as you do to others.
Major Arcana Tarot Card- Justice
To underline the message of this article, here are two amazing individuals who- in my opinion- truly represent the meaning of their Life Path Number energies!
ghandi2nd October 1869 with a Life Path Number 9. The Wise One ~ Mahatma Gandhi

 18th July 1918 with a Life Path Number 8. The Leader ~ Nelson Mandela mandela
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